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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seeing Stars...

One of the aspects of a Quilt Show that I often enjoy the most is seeing what the Guild has done for a Challenge. They are always interesting, in their rules, limitations, requirements, etc. and it is amazing to see how creative some people can be. The Greater Moncton Guild challenged their members to a special project to celebrate their 25th year and some of the Challenge pieces were on display at last week's Show.
Here are the rules, as I understand them - each piece had to contain 25 stars- a large centre star, 20 small stars and 4 corner stars. One of the stars had to feature some silver lamé fabric.There were no size limitations.
At right is the first place winner, Beacon of Light, by Nancy Elaschuk.  It is 32" x 45" and was designed in response to the decommissioning of lighthouses in Atlantic Canada. It was a beautiful piece and I loved how she subtly worked the stars into the entire piece - the sky, land and water. Once again, Nancy is certainly deserving of the first place ribbon!

Second place went to Twinkling Stars by Ardith Barron (at left). It measures 35" x 38" and features a variety of beautiful star designs. I'd love to know how long she spent piecing all those star blocks- some were quite intricate. Wonderful job, Ardith!

For some reason, I did not get the name of the third place winner, but I did get the photo!! It is shown at right, with the large Feathered Star in the centre and the colourful piano key border. Very nice!  25 Stars by Kim Larracy (below) was also an eye-catcher!
I have already shown several other Challenge pieces on previous posts, those by Jaunita Allain and Shirley Baillieul  - you can see them by clicking here.

It seemed that there were stars everywhere you looked at the Show. Below are several other quilts which really caught my eye. Two Radiant Stars, the first in purples and greens, by Vivian LeBlanc, and the other in rich browns and earth tones by Martha Davidson. Both were beautifully machine quilted by Penny Bubar, and both hung so perfectly straight and flat. And in between the two, a colourful Storm at Sea by Sheila McCarthy.
What an impressive collection of work by so many talented ladies!
My next post will show you four pieces by a small group within the Moncton Guild - the Divine Stitchers of the Yo-Yo Sistahood. They are all very skilled and I know you'll enjoy seeing their group projects.

"The stars are God's dreams, thoughts remembered in the silence of the night." ~ Thoreau

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GailM. said...

Nice Challenge. That Storm at Sea is speaking to me. Once I get a few things out of the way, I will make one in the next couple of years. And I love the slice quilt in your other post. They're all nice. Great photos.

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