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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blogging Mojo, where are you?

I'm still looking for my blogging mojo. I seem to have lost it. Every blogger knows that the longer you're away from blogging, the harder it is to get back to it... I am trying... thanks for your patience!

It hasn't been the best fall. Too much illness, too many deaths, too much unrest in the world... I've never liked November, as it ushers in the winter, my least favourite season... shorter days, less sunshine, colder temps, little colour other than brown and grey. Yuch. But it's here, whether I like it or not. Gotta move on...

My fall classes are finished, nothing now on my teaching schedule until the new year. So the only "busy-ness" I have to deal with now is self-imposed. Christmas is fast approaching, so I'm chipping away at it... I have so much from the past few months to share with you, I hardly know where to start. But since I'm trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit, how's about we start with something red?

My latest miniature is called Raspberry Pie (since I was finishing it up during our prolific raspberry harvest in August.) The finished overall size is 12.25" square, and the 2.25" blocks have 49 pieces each. 796 pieces in total, made almost entirely from small scraps. The design is an old traditional one known as Pineapple, a Log Cabin variation. It is machine quilted, very simply, as is always the best choice for a miniature as it is so easy to distort small pieces with over-quilting. I prefer it hung on point, although it can be hung straight as well.

Detail shot with my seam ripper for size reference. My seam ripper is   4" tip to tip...

Sadly reds don't seem to photograph well... there is lots of variance in the shades of red which doesn't show well here.

I entered it in the KV Guild's annual show in September and was thrilled to win a first place ribbon in the Small Traditional category. And look - the ribbon matches the quilt! How cool is that?! :)
We had our first snowfall yesterday, not as much as was forecast, which is fine with me. It is melting and I expect it will be gone by tomorrow, also fine with me. Not looking forward to winter, at all. What about you? Are you eagerly awaiting the winter season and the snow?


“In November, the earth is growing quiet. It is making its bed, a winter bed for flowers and small creatures. The bed is white and silent, and much life can hide beneath its blankets.”

~ Cynthis Rylant, In November

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We Will Remember Them

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them."

From Laurence Binyon's poem For the Fallen, written in September 1914


"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."
~Thomas Campbell

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ollie, My Sweet Sweet Boy

It seems that life is kicking us while we're down lately. Yesterday we lost our beautiful Oliver. He has been suffering with cardiomyopathy, a common ailment of his breed as they age. Meds for his heart and blood pressure have been a daily occurrence for almost six months now, and we quickly learned that he was not fond of taking pills! The recent addition of a diuretic helped slightly with his breathing, but our prayers were not be answered. Oh what a huge void he has left in our home and our hearts.

I have had cats all my life, but never a cat like Oliver. To say he was special would be an understatement. He had such personality and very quickly had us all, both family and friends, tightly wound around his big tufted paws. Even my hubby who has always professed to hate cats was won over. Although we all loved him dearly, he was definitely my cat. He and I shared a very close bond. He was not happy when I was away,  and rarely left my side when I was home. A constant and loyal companion, he showed his unconditional love with many daily snuggles, nestling his head into my neck or under my chin with a deep resonating purr. He loved to spend time with me in the studio, his favourite spot being on the ironing board (especially if it was warm) so he could see what I was doing.
I am heartbroken to lose him, much too soon. Rest in peace, my sweet boy. I will love you always and forever, dear Ollie.

Pawprints Left by You

You no longer greet me,
As I walk through the door.
You're not there to make me smile,
To make me laugh anymore.
Life seems quiet without you,
You were far more than a pet.
You were a family member, a friend,
A loving soul I'll never forget.

It will take time to heal-
For the silence to go away.
I still listen for you
And miss you every day.
You were such a great companion,
Constant, loyal and true.
My heart will always wear
the Pawprints left by you.

Author Unknown


"What we have once enjoyed we can never lose;
All that we love deeply, becomes a part of us."
Helen Keller

Monday, November 2, 2015

It's About Time...

Yes, it's about time for me to be back !! I thank you for being patient with me.. I have had an incredibly busy few months and I was having trouble "keeping all the balls in the air", so to speak. So blogging was the ball I had to drop for a bit. Not only have I been very busy, we have had an unbelievable string of family and friends ill, and/or dying. I won't burden you with the details, I'm sure you know that sometimes life just is difficult. We lost four people in about a week, one being a favourite aunt - diagnosed with a brain tumour one week and gone six days later. I sure miss her! Life (and death) happens... and you have to move on, but sometimes, it's not easy...
I've been busy with classes too, have taught five in the last month, three of those out of town, and I have four more coming up in the next few weeks. At the urging of some students, I have added a brief outline of upcoming classes to the sidebar at right. I will keep this updated, as time passes. I do teach classes locally at The Christmas Crab Quiltery which is located at 572  New Maryland Highway, just outside Fredericton. If you are interested in a class there, get in touch with JoAnne to sign up, or to add your name to a wait list. You can reach her at (506) 459-6180 during shop hours, Tues.- Fri. 10-5 and Sat. 10-3. New classes are added/scheduled on a regular basis.
I will be blogging more regularly now, so I hope you'll check back often. I have lots to share with you!
And thanks again for your patience! It feels good to be back!  :)


"Not hard times. Just times. If life doesn't suck sometimes, it is hard to tell when life is being good to you." ~ Unknown
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