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Sunday, April 14, 2019

A New Runner for Spring

Do you ever buy a mini charm pack, bring it home and add it to your stash (and perhaps forget about it for awhile) then when you find it again, think "What am I going to do with this?!" Such was the case with this Prints Charming pack by Moda that I picked up (two of them, actually) a few years ago.  It's not really "my colours" but I guess a little variation is not a bad thing. "Step out of your box" and all that....

 I decided I would use it in a small runner. Mixed in with the prints were co-ordinating solids. Solids have never been my choice to work with (I know, never say "Never".. I actually have a solids project on my "Want to Make" list right now!!) but I do know I don't care for them mixed in with prints, co-ordinates or not! So I plucked those out and saved them for piecing the back.

As you can see, this is a very simple and quick runner to make up (great for a quick gift!) The pattern is from Connie Kresin Campbell's blog, Free Motion by the River which you can find here. She calls it the 6 Square Runner. Thanks Connie, for the great pattern!

I was just a bit short on fabric for the back, so by piecing
strips with the solid mini charms, I made it work. 

Because I pulled the solid squares, mine is a bit shorter than hers; Connie used all 42 mini charms on the front, I used just 36, so I have 6 "rows" whereas hers has 7. Both work! My runner's finished size is 14" x 31". 

I quilted it with an overall clamshell design with my walking foot in a matching soft beige Aurifil thread, and although I had purchased yardage of one of the dark greens to use for the binding, I really liked the background fabric better so ended up using it.

As you can see, I have a "supervisor" making sure I get that binding sewn on just so.
Scamp loves to see what I'm working on... you know the saying about curiosity and the cat!

Of course you could use a regular charm pack of 5" squares for this too, just slice each one into four 2.5" squares. I can see myself making another of these, probably with Christmas prints. I have part of a Christmas charm pack left from another project. I'll have to count the remaining squares to see if there would be enough. If not I'll just mix in a few other reds and greens... you wouldn't tell, would you?

I am linking to Wendy's Peacock Party here. Stop by to see what everyone has been working on this week.

Easter is everybunny at your house ready?


Fabriholic: n: One who can't control the urge to buy fabric they don't have a project for. Again.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Quick and Easy Baby Quilt

Are you ready for another baby quilt? No, we're not expecting another baby, this is just one I "have on hand." It's been done for a while, I just haven't shared it with you yet. This is actually the second one like this I have made, the first one went to a friend of Mark's for their first baby, Thomas, over a year ago.  Wow, time passes quickly...

You can't get much easier (or quicker) than a four patch with alternate plain blocks, and when it's done "from stash," all the better. I decided it was a good way to use up some odds and ends, bits and pieces of blues; gotta whittle down the blue stash, it's taking over!! I found the polka dot at my LQS, and couldn't resist. I do love anything "dotty."

I quilted both this and the first one with unevenly spaced straight lines, to resemble plaid. The first one was done with three shades of blue thread (for even more resemblance to plaid, or so I thought), but there wasn't enough differentiation in the three so they all looked pretty much the same. Lesson learned! This one was done with just one blue. I found a cute tone on tone blue print for the backing, with toy trains, planes, helicopters, scooters, diggers etc. Perfect for a little boy, I thought! The blocks are 5" square and the overall measurement is 35" x  45."

Here is baby Thomas snuggling under his quilt, "watching" football with his Daddy.

Not long ago my guild had a workday to make small quilts for our hospital's neo-natal unit. I was unable to attend, so made one up at home to use more blues and the rest of the polka dot and backing. Same design idea, but more "plain" blocks with just a few four patches. Blocks are 3.5" and overall size is about 24" square.

I pieced the backing to use up the rest of the blue tone on tone and polka dot. I was just a little short, so added in another blue which has "family" words all over it- mommy, daddy, baby, sister, brother etc.

This one is quilted with a 1.25" cross hatch with white Aurifil thread. Love the Aurifil 50 wt. when I just want the quilting to sink into the quilt. I hope it will bring a smile to the faces of anxious new parents with a NICU baby.

For baby quilts, often "simple" is best. Simple sure makes it quick and easy.

Up next, a runner finish. Have you finished any small projects lately?


Planes, trains, trucks and toys,
There's nothing quite like little boys.
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