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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hello! I'm back! Yes I am okay, not sick, not off travelling the world.. (I wish...) I've just been incredibly busy. Thank you to those of you who have contacted me with concerns for my wellbeing. I feel a little guilty, like I have abandonded you for over a month.. which I have, I guess... But sometimes "life" just takes over and something has to "give".... It's been a summer of ups and downs, but that's life isn't it? People get cancer, people die (too many funerals this summer), marriages end. Life goes on, but things are never quite the same...
Anyway, I figured I had better post something here before you all give up on me!! The next two weeks will continue to be very busy for me, but I will try to get back to more regular blogging very soon... I do have lots to share with you... some finished quilts, twins(!!), some book reviews, etc. etc. so I hope you'll continue to pop over and visit me here.


"Time is a precious thing... and the years teach much which the days never knew."
~ Harvey Keitel as Weldon in Shadows of the Sun
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