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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Follow The Stars Show

Whew! Four down, two to go... I'm home again, another class done. Two more to go and then I'm done travel/teaching until after Christmas. My studio looks like several bombs went off... I certainly need to tidy and organize a bit before preparing for my next class, which is next Thursday. It's been a busy week and I must say I'm rather tired tonight. (A little nap after supper sure felt good!) Along with travels and teaching, I managed to get a batch of  Pickled Beets and a batch of Red Pepper Jelly done this week. I
might do one more batch of Red Pepper Jelly, as it is a small recipe and it would be nice to have some extra on hand to tuck in with Christmas gifts; then all I have left to get done is a batch of Salsa.
So, I'm thinking you might like to see more photos from the Greater Moncton Guild's 25th Anniversary Show "Follow The Stars". It really is a lovely show and I sure hope many of my local quilting friends make the effort to get over to see it before it closes tomorrow. They have many talented members and some wonderful work on exhibit. One thing that really impressed me was the good number of pieces which were hand quilted. It seems that so many pieces these days are machine quilted, and it was great to see so much quilting done by hand. Tonight I'll share photos I have of some
of the prizewinners. In the next post you'll see their Anniversary Challenge.

First up are the Large Pieced Quilt category winners: first place went to Bridget Daly for Ocean View, (at right) made for her grandson who loves the ocean and his visits to the Maritimes. I loved her additions at top and bottom - the coastal lighthouse overlooking the Atlantic, and the "ocean floor". 2nd place was A Sorted Affair (below) by Tracey Strong, the result of a paper-piecing course at The Fabric Cupboard  shop. Lovely dark rich colors and wonderful piecing... Both beautiful quilts, with lovely quilting....
The Small Pieced Quilt category was won by Shirley Baillieul with her Anniversary Challenge piece. The Challenge winners were chosen before the show, by a GMQG member vote at a meeting, but this quilt missed the chance, as Shirley was still quilting on it. So it was entered in the Small Pieced category at the Show. And it won!! No wonder- it was beautifully done and featured a large amount of lovely hand quilting. (more about the Challenge on my next post)
Second place went to Jerri Burke for Diamonds in the Sun. This piece was created for the River Gallery Bali Club Challenge earlier in the year.. It also was hand quilted. Again, both solid winners.

Somehow I missed getting photos of the Large Applique category, not sure how that happened. Sorry! First place winner in the Small Applique Quilt category was Butterfly Ballet by Kim Larracy. Her applique was SO well done with such lovely smooth curves and wonderful tiny even hand quilting stitches. A beautiful piece! Second place went to Trick or Treat, machine appliqued by Samantha Robichaud. It was such a fun piece, with great fabric choices. We especially liked her owl...

The Wearable category was won by Sheila McCarthy for her stole, made for her brother, Father Michael Toner. It had a such a wonderful progression/blend of  the red batiks. Father Mike is one lucky man!

Each judge got to pick a Judge's Choice from anything in the Show (i.e. we were not restricted to only the quilts entered for judging), and we all were pleased with each other's choices. They were: Carolyn Mitton's Whole Cloth quilt, Juanita Allain's 25 Star Anniversary Challenge piece, and the Guild's Raffle Quilt. All wonderful pieces- I would have been happy to take any of them home with me. (Alas- no offers lol... of course I AM going to WIN the Raffle quilt....) 

That's it for tonight. Hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the "stars" of the Show. Tomorrow I'll show you the Best of Show, as well as some of the Challenge pieces. Good night!


May the stars light your journey as you reach for the moon.


Linda said...

Beautiful! NB has such awesome quilters.

Jackie said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing!

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