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Friday, August 12, 2011

Up for the Challenge?

This is my last post about the fabulous Maine Quilt Show. I always look forward to seeing all the "Chapter Challenges" at this show. They are always so varied and show great creativity. (I guess I'm a little envious of the great work I see here, as I consider myself "challenged" when it comes to challenges...)
The Challenges which really grabbed my attention this year were those by the Clamshell Quilters of Damariscotta area, Maine. Twenty Clamshell members, in groups of five, worked to produce four beautiful local scenes. Using photos by Paula Roberts, each quilter was given a slice of the photo (11" x 36") to reproduce, in fabric and thread, their part of the scene. The five "slices" were later combined to complete the total picture. I thought all four of these were exceptional, it would be impossible to choose a favourite. The first one, above right, is the Lighthouse at Pemaquid Point. The second, below, is a scene at Damariscotta Mills. The third is Fort William Henry and the final one is a scene of Damariscotta. Aren't they great?

Another interesting Challenge was done by Art Quilts Maine, statewide. Members were to use a favourite children's book or author as the inspiration for their Challenge piece. They were to create a unique and original design, which represented the book's spirit, message, or visual appeal. I really liked this one, titled "Katje, the Windmill Cat". I'm not familiar with the book, but being a cat lover and a Storm at Sea lover as well... you can see why it caught my eye. The cat appeared to be totally made of thread... impressive....
(See the closeup shot below.)
Other challenges were equally as interesting. Some were quite specific in their directions, others were "looser". They ranged from a Black and White Challenge (use black and white fabrics, plus add one other colour), Mystery Quilts, Design your own Wholecloth quilt, and a Nature theme (use of a 5.5" square of bright green silk) to more challenging requirements. A Paint Chip Challenge was fun: Each quilter had to choose three paint chips with color names corresponding to their three initials, then use fabric colours which matched the chips to make a quilt of her choosing. The Coastal Quilters of Camden/Rockport area did a Grocery Challenge: They were to pick a packaged food or beverage item from the grocery store and make a 20.5" square quilt using colours from the package and one motif or element from the item, on the front of the quilt. These were displayed with package labels and viewers could guess which quilt represented which food or beverage item. The two you see below represented Forelli sardines(left) and on the right Heinz ketchup. What a fun project! Who comes up with these Challenge ideas???
I think one of the wackiest was Orange You Creative (done by Calico Quilters of Yarmouth): each quilt had to use a black and orange Hallowe'en fabric, but also had to contain an item from a hardware store and orange ricrac, it had to show one item in silhouette and had to be 12x36 and vertically oriented. Now that's a list!! What fun!! You just never know what you will see at Maine Quilts! Can't wait to go again next year. Will I see you there?


"But out of limitations comes creativity."
~ Debbie Allen

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