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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Edit: I have had trouble all day with Blogger- photos would not load. So this message is a little late in the day, but nevertheless, the wishes are heartfelt- hope you all HAD a great Mothers' Day!

Bouquets to all you Mothers out there today! The sun is shining here after a dreary week of rain, and another wet week forecasted, so I'm outside today, enjoying the weather!! A good day to start scratching around in my flower beds, finishing removal of the winter's leaf mulch covering. Many of my perennials are up, tulips, daffs and scilla are blooming... yes spring feels good!!
I wish I could visit all of you Mothers and present you with a gorgeous big bouquet today, but I'll have to settle for sending you some flowers from here.... enjoy! Later I'm heading out with my camera to a brook nearby to snap some pics of the Dogtooth Violets I spied blooming in the woods. My next post will take you to M&S Schmalberg's - North America's largest manufacturer of
custom fabric flowers in the garment district of NYC - what a special treat that visit was!


Flowers have the sun, children have their mothers.


Carol said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!

Karen said...

Hi, Linda: Your photographs are stunning. I have hardly anything in bloom as appears my green thumb has changed colour (to brown and shrivelled!)over the past few years.
As for your issues with Blogger, perhaps it isn't Blogger at all. I moved to a new Windows 7 computer earlier this year and had all kinds of problems with Blogger then - couldn't copy and paste, couldn't load pics, etc. I finally switched to Firefox and things work great. So perhaps the problem is with Internet Explorer (I have IE8)and not Blogger itself. You might want to try and see if things work better for you in a different browser. My 2 cents worth.

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