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Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Milestone...

Another milestone... Mark is now officially a Graduate of Dalhousie University! We left here early in the morning on Wednesday and arrived in Halifax before noon. The ceremony began at 2:30 so we really did not have a lot of time to spare. The Convocation ceremony was very nice- not too long, thank goodness. There was only one speaker and he kept it under 10 minutes, and was most interesting! Right after the Convocation we hurried upstairs for him to get Grad photos done - how convenient! They also had a framing station set up where one could get their degree framed on the spot and another where one could purchase a Grad ring. Talk about your one stop shopping!!
Luckily the weather Gods seemed to be smiling on us as it did not rain.. it wasn't sunny by any means, but at least it was not pouring. It was overcast but we could do photos outside with no problem so I was grateful. Here are a few photos of my handsome son, The Graduate. Above, Mark (on the left) with friends Stephani and roommate Craig. At left, is Mark receiving his Bachelor of Science degree and below, showing off his degree by the Dal "gate".
Congratulations Mark. We are so proud of you!!
Now, does anyone have a job for a Biology major??


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mark.... Good Luck on finging a job. Gail M.

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