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Monday, March 27, 2017

...And More Quilts

I've had a busy week, with appointments and commitments, and working on several pieces for  upcoming classes. But you don't want to hear excuses for my absence here - let's just look at more quilts from the Broward Quilt Expo. It seems like ages ago now, especially as I look out at our snow covered backyard, chickadees on the feeder, snowflakes in the air... a far cry from green grass, palm trees and dolphins seen from Sandi's deck. Sigh....

Let's look at more quilts, in no particular order... these are just some that caught my eye. I'm proud to say I know the first two quiltmakers; Carol Cheek and Brenda Sirmans are both members of Sandi's guild.

Big Yellow Sunburst 
by Carol Cheek

2nd place, Small Pieced - Single Maker

Carol made this quilt for a 2016 Guild Challenge to use half square triangles.
Well done Carol!!

Colors by Brenda Sirmans

You really have to see this quilt close up to appreciate the quilting...

Wowzers, Brenda! These lines must be 1/4" apart! Bet you worked on that for "a while"....

Meandering Thru Time and Space by Annie Weinstein

Honorable Mention, Innovative Design

Sunflower Study by Jo Wilson

So pretty! I love sunflowers.

Summer Solstice by Carl Stevens
Quilted by Helia Ricci

Honorable Mention
Two Person, Large Pieced

I thought this quilt was spectacular. Such great use of color and it hung perfectly straight and square.

This is a poor quality photo, a little blurry, but I loved the quilting design in the border.

Rainbow Gallery by Carl Stevens
Quilted by Helia Ricci

Honorable Mention
Two Person, Small Pieced

I think Carl likes Color!!

Rabbits in my Garden by Linda Nastro
Quilted by Helia Ricci

This was a quilt that you really needed to look at closely to appreciate... look below to see the amazing quilting...

  More to come tomorrow....


Quilts are a lot like chocolate... it's hard to pick just one.


kath001 said...

All beauties. Especially LOVE the Rabbits In My Garden!

Sara - My Woodland Garden said...

They are all spectacular!
When there are two names, does it mean that the other one is the designer and the other person made the quilting work?
I'm totally in love with the "Rabbits in my Garden". I think I could spend days admiring it. Amazing quilting, but also amazingly cute. It speaks to the gardener and the lover of fairy tales in me. :)
Thank you for sharing! xx

Vee said...

I always did like sunflowers and rabbits! It is intriguing how the quilting can carry on the story of the fabric design.

Jennifer said...

Great quilts.......and what amazing quilting! A very high standard indeed.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Oh yes, Rabbits in my Garden a favourite here too. What a lovely visualization of a garden with plants and wildlife.

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