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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

And... More Quilts!

Are you ready for another walk around the Broward Quilt Expo? Got your comfy walking shoes on? No need for a lot of chat, let's get going. Again, in random order, here are more of my favourites (yes there were many favourites!) Warning, this post is photo heavy...

First a few more wonderful pieced quilts...

You know anything blue always catches my eye.
This quilt hung so beautifully, perfectly straight and square.

Dimensional Star by Joanne Oelschlanger

So beautifully quilted by Eleanor Sasnett

Although blue will always be my most favourite colour to work with, I have to admit, red is growing on me...

Free Range Sheep by Elena Madara
Quilted by Nora Bordach

The border fabrics were cute sheep prints, and I really liked the block design...

(This RED one is for you, JKS!)

Owl in the Nines by Charlotte Noll really appealed to me visually. Isn't the optical illusion well done?

Honorable Mention, Small Pieced, Single Maker.

There were some wonderful appliqué quilts to admire.. Appliqué is not my thing, but I sure do appreciate them and how much time and skill goes into them....

Anna's Blue Baskets
by Rose Valentine
(I am sorry, I don't have the quilter's name for this one.)

Honorable Mention, Appliqué Duo

Wow! Look at all those perfectly turned edges...
And what a great choice of background fabric.

ULV Breadfruit by Rose Valentine

1st Place, Appliqué, Single Maker

Another beauty!

Ella the Elephant is Watching
by Linda Levine

Honorable Mention,
Appliqué, Single Maker

This one was incredibly beautiful!

Hungarian Rhapsody 
by Elizabeth Kiss

Special Merit for Hand Quilting

And did I get a good clear closeup shot of that beautiful hand quilting? Nooooo.... Sorry! Trust me, her hand quilting stitches were fine and even.

And we'll finish off with some wool appliqué.

Safari by Cheri Guariglia

3rd place, Appliqué, Single Maker

This was another that I could have spent a lot more time studying... the longer you looked the more you saw.

There is so much to enjoy at a quilt show. Not only are you treated to seeing some incredible work up close and personal, you can learn so much from studying the quilts... design elements, technical skills to admire and aspire to, colour combinations that you would not have thought of, border treatments, quilting designs, and so on. I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend this high quality show.

Next up I'll show you a few of the special exhibits and the quilt that won Best of Show.


Appreciation is the act of feeling the beauty around you.


Jennifer said...

More spectacular quilts......the Hawaiian quilt is superb!

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow!! Just amazing works of art, Linda. Such beautiful patterns and colours and creativity. Thanks for sharing them.

HollyM said...

Wow, amazing work! I like the Owl in the Nines quilt and the elephant.
The first blue quilt was taught at our last UFO day. I didn't do it but many did. I'm looking forward to seeing them all done. I think it would make a nice baby quilt, maybe scaled down.

Sheila said...

Spectacular work , the hand applique is wonderful as is the wool , both take lots of patience 😊

Anonymous said...

And you know I loved that RED one, Linda! Jeanne Kaye

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