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Friday, March 14, 2014

Dear Winter, GO AWAY!

Dear Winter,

GO. AWAY.   Please, just Go Away.

No longer your fan,

Well, that probably won't help but it makes me feel slightly better. (Only slightly)  As my blogging friend Pam said on her "disgusted with winter" post today, "Winter, We are SO done with you."
We weathered yesterday's storm, and now have yet another foot or so of fresh snow on top of the winter's accumulation. The snowbanks are so high, you can't see some buildings or houses from the street. It's ridiculous. The sun is shining today, but tomorrow, we're to get a little more snow then rain. And there's rumor of yet another possible storm on Monday/Tuesday. I don't even want to talk about this anymore. But for the sake of some of my regular followers in the warmer climes of Florida (Hi Sandi, Mary, Diane, Jeanna and Lucy), California (Hi Jan), Australia and New Zealand, I thought they might like to see some photos. Hope these cool you down!!  haha

Here's what things looked like yesterday afternoon in the midst of the storm (nonstop snow for almost 24 hours)

The view from the front of our house is straight down #3 fairway of the golf course. Hmm... I don't think there'll be any golfers there for a few days yet, what do you think?

The little house across the street. They have a hot tub on their deck.. don't think they'll be in it for a while yet either...

My poor Rhododendron is tired of winter too. We stake and wrap it for the winter for a little protection and windbreak, but there is so much snow burying the lower branches now, I'm afraid it's not going to be in very good shape when we unwrap it. 

At least today, we are plowed out and the sky is blue rather than grey- you can see how high the snow is piled.

You can see my studio on the right end of the house. That's where I'm spending some time as much time as possible these days. I'll soon be showing you what I'm working on currently...

 Ollie is keeping me company- he likes to snooze on the ironing board while I'm sewing. He's up high enough to see what I'm doing (he thinks he's supervising...) and he loves the warmth after I've used the iron. Sometimes Often I have to push him aside to get a little pressing space. Sheesh!

Since Spring is only one week away now, I'm celebrating tomorrow by heading to the beach. Wanna come along?


My favourite thing about winter?  When it's over.


Country Gal said...

I'm with you , winter get lost ! It was lovely and sunny here today though even the winds were warmer , it hit a high of +8 and the melt is on big time ! I just hope spring show up for real soon ! Nice photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

Pamela Gordon said...

I guess we had the same thing in mind tonight Linda. That is quite the snow pile at the end of your driveway! Ridiculous. Thanks for linking to my blog. That was kind of you. So, what beach are you thinking of??

Jeanna said...

Oh my goodness Linda! I agree...this IS ridiculous and I'm not even there. (Thanks for the cool down, by the way)

I don't believe I have ever seen so much snow, even in photos.

Now Ollie has the right idea. Snoozing on a warm ironing board is the cats meow. (sorry)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

OK...OK...ENOUGH! I do love seeing that bright blue sky against the pretty white. But it only looks good at YOUR house! Happy weekend my friend! You know I told you to come back to Florida this month! Sweet hugs!

Sheila said...

I hear you loud and clear , enough already , I am so sick of winter and long for the warm days of spring , lets hope when it comes it changes for the better . Enjoy your sewing studio :-)

Gwen Buchanan said...

All I can say is, Most Miserable Winter ever!!!!!

I know what you mean about staying in your studio.. it's a comfort zone.. That's what I have been doing too. I have had to start keeping my blinds shut so I don't have to be constantly reminded of that miserable cold.

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