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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TWO more days and counting.....

Yes I AM counting! I'm starting to feel the pressure now, although I'm working through my list, and accomplishing things each day to put us closer to our Friday goal of the big move.... Here's an idea of what my days are like lately:
Today's Checklist
1. Write and submit provincial report to CQA for quarterly newsletter, The Canadian Quilter. Check (I wrote it last night, but discovered today I didn't save it (Duh!!) so had to start all over..)
2. Tidy up studio. (This took several hours.. should I admit that?) Check
3. Vacuum. Check
4. Clean bathroom. Check
5. Iron top and pants for #6 below. Check (What to wear? oh, what to wear? My wardrobe sucks!)
6. Interview and photos with city newspaper reporter, for article on our Guild. Check
7. Grocery shoppping. Check
8. Make large pot of homemade Turkey Vegetable Soup. Freeze in containers for Mark. Check
9. Make supper, tidy up, do dishes. Check
10. Shop for new jacket for Laura, socks, boxers, etc. for Mark. Check (Even found a nice jacket on sale!!)
11.Submit several more short articles for Guild newsletter. Check
12. Make phonecalls (probably at least 8). Send emails (so far, 22. Day's not over yet..) Check
13. Proofread first draft of Guild newsletter. Check
14. New Blog post. Check
Well, thats most of what I did today, I won't bore you with the really mundane stuff. Now you can see why I'm not getting any sewing/stitching done.... One job I meant to get to, but haven't yet.. I guess it'll be on tomorrow's list: Our eldest son Ian is getting married in October. I (foolishly?) volunteered to make Chocolate Truffles for the little favor boxes for each guest. I promised the happy couple I would make a trial batch this week so I could take them to Halifax this weekend for them to sample and approve... I have to make approximately 200 for the wedding, so that will be 4 or 5 batches. No doubt I'll be sick of truffles by then... OKay, those of you who know me well can stop laughing now... You're right- me- sick of chocolate? It'll never happen...
I'd give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter!

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Anonymous said...

Its such a busy time of year for everyone. Hang in there - you will get everything done. LB

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