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Friday, July 17, 2009

Tea for

Today one of the things I accomplished next door was "finishing the dining room". I washed and packed up the last of the odds and ends, including twenty bone china cups and saucers. The good china and silver was dealt with long ago, but these are odd cups and saucers.. what does one do with them these days? I don't even drink tea!! However I can't bear to "dispose" of them... some of them are so pretty... I have told Laura they are hers some day, once she has a place of her own. However, she may not even want them... I don't think young people these days are "into" bone china"...???
Does anyone out there in blogland have any interesting ideas for displaying cups and saucers? My buffet is full with my own china and crystal... I'm trying to think of a unique way to display some of the prettier ones... any ideas?

And - pray tell - WHAT does one do with 77 Readers Digest Condensed Books??? Yes, I said seventy-seven.... Any takers???
"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ~ George Eliot


MissesStitches said...

Dear Linda,
My grandmother had a collection of cups and saucers, and I deeply regret that I don't have one of them. I'm sure it was my oversight. Only a couple weeks ago I went to a bridal shower/tea (for my future DIL) and we were all served with mismatched cups and saucers. It was really beautiful, as each one was precious and we all enjoyed comparing the cups we had. Please try to keep them together. Sorry if this puts more pressure on you, as that is definitely not my intent!

MissesStitches said...

I guess this is a PS, Linda. Love your quote of the day, about never being too late... That motivates me! Thanks for sharing it.

GailM. said...

I too have a big box of my mothers tea cups. They've been in the same box for at least 15 years. They were given to me by my father after my mother died. I have the same delema. I thought my daughter would want them, but I'm not sure she does. I'm hoping my mothers namesake - baby Aurora, will want them some day. I'll be interested to see if you find any ways to display them nicely. Maybe it'll inspire me to get them out of the box.

Aida Costa said...

Even if your daughter isn't 'into' china now, she may change her mind as she gets older (and certainly when she has her own household). If these are heirlooms, I'd consider keeping them for her. If they're not, then how about making pincushions? I love seeing pincushions tucked into teacups - perhaps you could sell them?

Linda G said...

Thanks so much for the view of your lilies. Ours are looking very beetle eaten I am afraid. We tried to keep on top of them but I think I didn't get out on enough of the rainy days to do a thorough job. Have a great time in Maine. It sounds wonderful. Linda
I also have lots of china sets that I hang on to only because I can't part with these last parts of my grandmother. We don't eat off them much as they are not dishwasher material. I am sure the collection will blossom when my parents break up their home. Do you only have 77 Readers Digest books? I am sure my dad's collection will put that to shame as they are still getting them. I am not sure how a pack rat like me will deal with a big house of memories.

Wendy said...

Linda I have used china cups and saucers in unconventional ways. Ihave some lovely ones I line up on the buffet and put a little tea light in. Such a soft glow from them. Mood lighting as opposed to task, but lovely just the same. Not sure if you like whimsical things in your lovely flower beds, but the odd cup and saucer in a garden is lovely too. I will include a link (hanging feeder). (instructions only) (withphoto)
If you need more info just google tea cup bird feeders. I also tuck in the occasional lovely odd china plate in the soil in my flower bed at the cottage.

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