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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Karen LOVES Color!

Karen Stone of Dallas Texas was one of the well-known teachers at Maine Quilts this year. We attended her Trunk Show on Friday at noon. Not only was Karen entertaining, her quilts were really something to see. Karen loves color!! You no doubt are familiar with her name, as she has been publishing her designs since 1993. She has won numerous awards, including first places in international competitions. Her quilts have appeared on the covers of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, and she has appeared on HGTV's Simply Quilts. She is probably best known for her Indian Orange Peel design and her New York Beauties. She brought many quilts to show us - I am going to show you just a few. (These photos were snapped very quickly as the gals holding them up did not stop for long, so you may see a few heads, backs of chairs, etc.) I am sure you will be inspired by her wild colours and interesting designs. Enjoy!
"Being an artist, whether through music, words, color or shape, begins with seeing or hearing something for the first time, and holding onto that same wonder and excitement with every form of art you create. And being a master is when you apply that same attitude to everything you do in life." ~ Amy Larsen Davenport

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