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Monday, April 27, 2009

A recycling idea or two...

What do you do with the spool when you finish a spool of thread? Do you throw it in the garbage? I used to, but when my children were in elementary school one of the kindergarten teachers asked me to save them for her.... and I still do. They use them with their wooden blocks and other "manips" for building things and improving fine motor skills. The teacher is thrilled when she sees me coming with another big bag of spools for her. Some of my fellow Guild members pass theirs on to me as well. I was quite surprised when I was told by friends who are elementary teachers that young parents today "can't be bothered" saving and recycling things for the classroom.. I can remember saving everything from toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to soup can labels (for fundraising) to buttons, bread bag name it... So rather than throw out those lovely plastic spools (doesn't matter what type or brand of thread), why not contact your local elementary school and see if a teacher there might like them?
Another thing I recycle is the Ferroro Rocher plastic containers. I use them to store my Perle Cottons in. All sizes are useful. You can easily see what colors you have, and I like the lids which fit well.
I keep forgetting to tell you to visit my friend Marie Alton's site here and check out "Amy's Ride". Marie's niece Amy who at a young age lost her Mother to cancer, is riding in the "Ride to Conquer Cancer" - a 200K trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls on June 13 and 14, 2009. Amy is aiming to raise $3200.00 so Marie is pledging to help her out. Marie is selling "Beady Bits" - small items she has created from beads and will match all monies raised from what she sells. So why not stop by, look over the Beady Bits and choose one for yourself or a friend? They are only $5.00. There's one on it's way to me right now- I challenge you to purchase one too, and help Amy reach her goal.
The greatest achievements are those that benefit not ourselves, but others.

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Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... from a fellow pack-rat! I save all kinds of stuff too....especially Ferrero Rocher boxes ... 'cause Santa brings me them every year.

I save all my empty bead tubes...small Tylenol containers...juice can lids...empty candle jars...and remember doing the soup labels for kids at school as well as ink cartridges later.

You are such a kindred spirit it's scarey ... but I guess that we both were raised to value things that others might find as trash.

Thanks so much for adding the link to Amy's Ride!

Hugs ... Marie

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