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Monday, November 24, 2014

We Have a WINNER!

Blogathon Canada 2014 is over. Wasn't it fun? I hope you discovered lots of new exciting blogs to follow, and hopefully you made some new friends along the way too. I know I did. I still have a number of blogs to visit as I was out of town for two days so that really cut into my "visiting" time... I will continue this week.
I kept a list of my commentors as the comments rolled in, assigning each a number. I counted only one comment per person (as some people left more than one comment) so everyone had one fair chance. I was surprised at how many were No Reply/Comment bloggers, or Google+ users, with no access to their email. People, if you want to have a chance of winning in a Giveaway, you have to be reachable!! If you are a No Reply/Comment blogger and you don't include your email with your comment, you are out of luck. Simple as that!! And not everyone is on Google +. Just sayin'...
When all was said and done, and comments were counted I had 282 "eligible" comments. Just because I enjoy seeing where my visitors are from, I kept track of locations as well (and yes, many didn't tell me where they were from). The majority were Canadian (150 - every province!), 81 were from the USA, 4 from the UK, 3 from France, 2 from Australia, and single visitors from Finland, Greece, Spain, Germany, and Italy! Awesome!!
I asked my hubby to choose five numbers between 1 and 282, in case some were No Reply bloggers. And guess what - the first two he chose were just that - unreachable! (Point taken!) So, the lucky winner was the third number he chose - 275 - and that was........... drumroll please..................... Jennifer of  Tamworth, NSW Australia. Jennifer blogs at Bronze Wombat and commented: "Love your quilts! I am visiting from Tamworth, Australia, where it's been very hot and dry. I'll swap you for some of your cooler weather right now!" I have emailed Jennifer to tell her the good news. Sew Sisters will be sending her that gorgeous bundle of blue batiks!! Congratulations Jennifer!!! I know you will create something wonderful with these beauties!!
Thank you to ALL who visited and left such lovely comments. I enjoyed hearing from you all!! And a warm welcome to my new Followers too! I hope you'll visit often.
Finally, a huge THANK YOU to Sew Sisters of Toronto for hosting the Blogathon, and to all the sponsors - Auriful, Robert Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, Northcott and Camelot Fabrics. I had great fun and I'm sure everyone else did too. I hope we do it again next year!!


May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements.


Sara D.B. said...

Hello Linda
I found Blogathon 2014 very interesting, even though I'm not really a quilter (yet) nor from Canada!
I hope it will be organized again next year!
Congratulations to Jennifer; you are so lucky!

Have a lovely new week!

Karen said...

How awesome - my friend Jennifer! She will be so pleased!

Jennifer said...

Thank you, amazing, usually I am lucky to even win an argument, let alone a giveaway prize!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Congratulations to Jennifer, hope she will share what she makes with the material.

Lee said...

Lovely selection!

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