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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late Summer Garden...

I don't need to look at a calendar these days to know that summer is drawing to a close. One look at my gardens and it's obvious. It's been an interesting gardening season.. last summer we were deluged with wet weather and overcast days. This year has been just the opposite, and I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. We've had beautiful sunny days, and once we got past that humidity in July, it's been absolutely wonderful. However it's also been very dry and although I have spent many hours faithfully watering, it's just not the same as Mother Nature's rain. Some things have done very well but others have not flourished... Just thought you might like to take a peek at my late summer blooms.

The last lily to bloom, this one was spectacular this summer, with numerous blooms on four stalks. Most of my lilies were finished in early July this year, much earlier than normal. This one was much later.

Hubby planted some pole beans over by his garage- they climbed right up over the roof!

Some of my hanging pots are still looking fairly good. The hummers love the lantana in this pot, but I'm never quick enough to catch them with my camera.

The last Hollyhock bloom

The finches and chickadees love my feeder, especially when it's full.

Then they hop over for a drink from the ant moat above my hummingbird feeder.

The last Sweet Pea, in today's misty rain....

...the black-eyed susans were enjoying the rain too.Doesn't this look like Fall is not far off? These Chinese Lanterns have been turning color for a few weeks now...Peace,

"Flowers are without hope. Because hope is tomorrow and flowers have no tomorrow."
~ Antonio Porchia

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GailM. said...

Love Love Love all the color.

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