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Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Little Sunday Stitchin'

Just a short post today to show you what I've been working on, stitching-wise. You've heard me say before how much I love the Mill Hill kits. They come with everything you need, except the scissors for snipping thread ends! Pattern, fabric or perforated paper, floss, beads, buttons and needle(s).

I picked this one up a while back, and started it a week or two ago. I haven't put a lot of hours into it yet, but here is my progress. Looks like I'm about half done. I do all the stitching first, and then go back and fill in the beading. There's a fair bit of beading on this one.

As my eyes get older (not that I am getting older, just my eyes!) I find it easier to make a "working copy" of my pattern. I enlarge it a bit and as I stitch, I shade in with pencil the sections I have completed. If it's a larger and more complex pattern I use coloured pencils. This really helps, when you have a number of floss colours which are very close, and only a few stitches with each colour in an area.
I'll make a little more progress tonight as I watch the Oscars. What are you stitching on these days?


Stitching is the answer. I don't care what the question is.


Jennifer said...

Linda, that is gorgeous! I know just what you mean about your eyes getting older, don't know what can I still be only 29 and some months, but my eyes aren't?

Sara - My Woodland Garden said...

What a lovely pattern! Who wouldn't love black-capped chickadees? :)
I'm looking forward to seeing the work finished... and especially the beading.
Great quote, once more. Have a happy new week, dear Linda!

Colleen Gander said...

I love the little chickadees, we have lots at our feeders. Another way I have worked with patterns is to scan them as PDFs and then I can enlarge them on my laptop or tablet. The lit screen sometimes helps.

Vee said...

Alas, my eyes are no good for this kind of work anymore. I do like the subject of your stitchery.

kath001 said...

I do the exact same thing with my patterns! (Enlarge copy and color pencils as I complete stitches/sections.) Wait...does that mean my eyes are older ones too? :)

Mill Hill kits are the best, and I love this sweet scene. After making in rapid succession a small crewel piece with wrens (?) and their nest for my mother-in-law and a large counted cross stitch piece of a pair of pheasants in flight for my father, I swore I would never stitch another bird. Oy, the shading (and color changes) of the feathers can be so challenging to the eyes and sanity! :)

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