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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hallowe'en in the 'Hood...

~ Harry Behn

Tonight is the night
When dead leaves fly
Like witches on switches
Across the sky,
When elf and sprite
Flit through the night
On a moony sheen.

Tonight is the night
When leaves make a sound
Like a gnome in his home
Under the ground,
When spooks and trolls
Creep out of holes
Mossy and green.

Tonight is the night
When pumpkins stare
Through sheaves and leaves
When ghoul and ghost
And goblin host
Dance round their queen.
It's Hallowe'en.

Do you decorate for Hallowe'en? Do you go for the scary?  The creepy? Or just for fun?  We have some awesome "decor" in our neighbourhood this year so I thought I'd share a few pics with you....
First of all I couldn't resist this "elegant" look - okay maybe it's not really Hallowe'en decor- just autumn decor - but this morning as I passed by Government House, the residence of our Lieutenant Governor, the sun was so lovely on those vines, and with the pumpkins on the steps- well I just couldn't help myself!

And you're right- this isn't really my neighbourhood, but it's close by - less than a 2 minute drive from my house, so I'm including it.

If you are scared of spiders, you might want to steer clear of this house- judging  by the size of that web, I can just imagine the size of the spider who must be lurking nearby....

Maybe this is him- he was down the street a bit- no doubt he's out looking for tasty little child-sized morsels to eat... watch for him if you're in the area.... after all he does have eight legs so he can probably run just as fast as you can....

Just down the street from us, our neighbour Greg (who obviously loves Hallowe'en and plans from one year to the next), went all out this year and created a pirate ship on his front lawn. I will have to go down later this evening to see it in action- the ship is supposed to rock gently from side to side as if it is at sea, there are guns on the side of the ship that will light up as if firing, cannons near the house that I think will "fire" or at least smoke, a treasure chest that opens (powered by a rotisserie motor), the sabres held by the "skeleton crew" will raise and
lower...... ummm, just wondering WHO is having more fun here.. the kids or the guy who spends weeks putting this all together???  And on top of this "display" on the front lawn, there is the graveyard up against the house which the kids must walk by to get to the front door. If they dare, they can enter the house and see the Pirate's Banquet all set up in the dining room, complete with bats circling over the dining table...
I stopped and had a chat with Greg a few days ago as he was working on set-up. I laughed and said he must spend all year dreaming up what to do next - he has had some pretty impressive "decor" over the years.. and he replied that last year, some kid said to him they thought it was time he stepped it up a notch, as he had used several "items" several years in a row... Imagine!! I sure hope that kid comes back this year to see what he
has in store for his visitors tonight. And no doubt he will get many trick-or-treaters as he is on the front page of today's newspaper and the caption mentions his "pirate-themed haunted tour". I'm not expecting many at my door. We are pretty dull, in comparison....
Happy Hallowe'en!!!

Trick or Treat!

"There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch." ~Robert Brault


Pamela Gordon said...

I love the photo of the Lt. Governor's house. The red vines look beautiful. Wow, this Greg guy sure is creative. That would be fun to see.

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos . We used to go all out in past years when we lived in town and out kids were little but we are empty nesters now and here in our country village valley the only kids that are here are Mennonite kids and the do not celebrate Halloween so all is quiet here every year . Hope you have a good evening of ghouls and goblins . Thanks for sharing .

Jeanna said...

Deep down inside there is a kid in most of us ;) Good for Greg!

I can't believe how appropriately colored the vines are on the LT. Gov's house... simple pumpkins add just the right touch.

Thanks for sharing :)

My Maine Blog said...

Hello Linda...I love all of those Halloween decorations...brings back lots of good memories. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog also and for all of your kind words, prayers and hugs. I took your advice and today I went out for lunch with my hubby and then went poking around in my favorite craft store and it really helped. I wrote a reply to your comment on my blog but sometimes I'm not sure if anyone ever gets them so I wanted to be sure that you knew how thankful I am for your kind and thoughtful words.
- Hugs- and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

GailM. said...

Hello. Happy frosty Halloween. I'm checking in from Athens. We'll be in Turkey tomorrow. The big attraction there is Ephisis.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the photo of the big mansion, too! And what fun decorations! Do you have any candy left? heehee! Hugs!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Government House is gorgeous!! love the vines on the stone!

GailM. said...

Checking in again. 25 degrees in Turkey today. Was a great day to visit the Ephisis. I'll be in Rhodes tomorrow but I'm not sure we'll have internet.

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