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Thursday, January 31, 2013

H'mong Applique

Pa'ndau, framed at 15" square

I purchased another Hmong applique recently and just got it back from the framer. I now have a nice grouping of three for my studio wall. I have shown the others previously - you can see them at the end of this post. These amazing pieces of handwork are known as pa'ndau (pronounced "pan-dow") by their makers - the H'mong women of northern Thailand where it meets Burma and Laos. Pa'ndau is translated as "flower cloth". This extraordinary needlework has long been a part of that culture, with H'mong girls beginning to learn the stitches at five years of age. The H'mong people have no written language so rituals and artistry have been vital in keeping their culture alive.

I am always interested to see needlework from other cultures - not only the stitches, but the designs, the use of color, etc. I feel very fortunate to own three pa'ndau. I would love to see these being done - the stitching is so fine (both in quality and size). I wonder how long each one takes... what type of needles they use, what conditions they are made under... Wouldn't their "Show and Tell" be an amazing experience??!!!


"What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God." ~  Eleanor Powell


Pamela Gordon said...

This is a gorgeous piece Linda. Beautiful colours. I just read your previous post regarding spam. I've had a lot of it lately too but not the past week or 2. Several bloggers have commented on it. I had taken off the anonymous comments a few months ago and they were coming through after that so not sure why. Some were for exotic girls etc. Yours should settle down soon.

GailM. said...

Love the stitchery and nice to have it framed.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine cutting out the designs so evenly

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