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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What a Day!

I have several reasons to celebrate today- first of all the sun is shining! Hurray! It feels so good to have a sunny blue sky day- it certainly lifts one's spirits after the dull rainy weather of the past few days.
Secondly, today is my baby's birthday! Darlin' daughter is 20 today! Now that sure does make a gal feel old, to realize that her baby has moved on from being a teenager and is heading into her 20's. Just sayin'.... Here is one of my most favourite photos of Laura when she was little.... Isn't she cute??
Today is special for more reasons... it's International Women's Day AND Shrove Tuesday! I guess everyone has their own ideas on what International Women' s Day is for or me it's a day to celebrate the strengths of women as well as our accomplishments over the years. I think of my mother and grandmother - they were both strong women who weren't afraid to work hard to accomplish what they wanted in life. They were wonderful role models; I only wish my children could have had the opportunity to know them better.
Shrove Tuesday- Pancake Day!! Yummmm. That's what we're having for supper - pancakes with molasses or maple syrup, and bacon on the side... and a yummy fruit salad for dessert. I remember one year when Shrove Tuesday fell on Mark's birthday. I think he was in Grade 2. Back then mothers always went into the school and made pancakes for all the children at lunchtime on Shrove Tuesday. Mark loved pancakes (still does!) and he thought the whole school was having pancakes just for his birthday!
Well, the sun is shining because it's Laura's birthday, and she was born on March 8th for a reason. I know she has some of her ancestors' good traits and she too will be a strong determined woman who will go far... Love you, Laura!
Now I must go warm up the griddle....


Birthday Rules: Stay cute. Wish big. Never let anyone count your candles.


Ana said...

Também faço aniversário dia 8 de março. É um dia especial duplamente para mulheres.

Anonymous said...

Sweet picture of Laura. Happy Birthday!! And what a cute story about Mark and the pancakes at School. Gail M.

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