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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chickadee vs. Robin... it's a toss-up

A week or so ago, my friend Wendy at It Is What It Is wrote of her love for chickadees. I have to agree with her, I love Chickadees too. They are so "cheerful" and just so darn cute! You can't help but smile when you watch them! Wendy gave me permission to use this quote which she had on her blog last week about our favourite bird: "The chickadee was put on earth to demonstrate the power of positive thinking. No day is dark, no night is cold, no hour is evil, no harm is in sight, no news is bad. An acrobat and an optimist, the chickadee is perfectly named (he named himself), perfectly designed. We should all wear a black cap, ignore the weather reports and make friends easily." ~ E.B. White
Although they have been very sporadic at my feeder this winter, (I think my big brother has lured them to his feeder with better treats lol) they do pop by for a visit now and then. But I have to admit, as the sun gets stronger and the days get longer, I'm yearning to see a robin!! That's a sure sign of spring for me- to see and hear the robins in my backyard. And I'm ready! So ready, that I took down my cross-stitched Chickadee bellpull in my foyer this morning and replaced it with this "springy"one (below) made by my dear Mother. It is about 5 feet long so you are only seeing a portion of it here... Perhaps I'll have to be content with these robins of thread for a few more weeks until the real ones made of feathers show up!!
Speaking of threads, I've been saving my threads and narrow snips of fabric and batting for a week or two now, along with dryer lint. I'm following the suggestion of my good friend Jane- I'm going to place them in a mesh bag (like an onion bag) and hang it out in a tree in a few weeks- Jane tells me the birds love helping themselves to these goodies when they are building their nests. Can't you just picture some little baby birdies all snuggled down in that nice soft dryer lint? And with all the colored threads and fabric scraps, my trees just might have the prettiest birds' nests in town!! *wink
Laura has asked me to make my readers aware of a student-run online publication that is the project of her second year Reporting Techniques class at Kings. It is an online publication, updated twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each of the roughly 40 students in the course must participate in this project, to acquire their course credit. Weekly, each student is assigned a different task/responsibility, ranging from doing a reporting beat on sports or community issues, to working on the final publication/ layout, to being an assignment Editor. This publication, called Peninsula News, reports on what's happening on the Halifax Peninsula, and ties together all the multimedia tools they have learned to work with through the year, as well as all learnings from their three Profs Doug Kirkaldy, Fred Vallance-Jones and Sue Newhook. Please go check it out. Better still, save the link to your favourites so you can check in each week. The Profs are monitoring the number of visitors... the more the better...


"When spring arrives, the robin doth rejoice as she feeds her newborn babes. The frosts of winter now quench the thirsty flowers pushing through a drably painted landscape. Soon our Creator will refresh the earth with a magnificent palette of living color. The fragrance of that beauty captures our souls and we delight once again in this awesome cycle of life." ~ Linda LaTourelle

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