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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweeee'een

The night is dark and the goblins are out
and the witches and black cats are prowling about
and costumed creatures, the strangest I've seen
are knocking on doors 'cause tonight's Hallowe'en!

Well. it's been a pretty (cold) quiet night on our street, we haven't had many visitors. Not that we're complaining! Much better quiet than the days when we were nervous about hooligans causing damage in the neighbourhood... Once again the 5 year old twins from up the street win my Cutie Patootie award. They were Fairy Princesses this year, with magical wands which lit up! It's amazing how much difference a year makes with little ones. They have always been shy and not very talkative in the past- not so this year!! They were very chatty and giggley- a little sugar rush perhaps???

And where oh where do the years go? It doesn't seem long ago that my two little ones were excited about dressing up and going out trick or treating... look at my "little" girl now.. here she is with two of her roommates. I guess they still like to dress up... That's Mary on the left (she is the current reigning Miss New Brunswick) and Becky on the right with Miss Laura in the middle.
Hope you have had a safe and fun-filled Hallowe'en.


One last Hallowe'en joke...

Q. What is a skeleton's favourite musical instrument?
A. the trombone!

1 comment:

GailM. said...

Oh, those girls are so darn cute. And the bigger girls are pretty cute too, even though they are supposed to be scary. Happy Halloween

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