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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Awesome Autumn

Another busy week, but I have enjoyed getting out a bit to take in the gorgeous autumn colors. The reds seem to be vivid this year, brighter than last year, for sure. Odd how it varies from one year to another. I'm sure there's some scientific explanation - amount of rainfall, temps, etc. etc. I don't care- I just love the fall foliage in all it's glory. Much as I dislike orange the rest of the year, I can tolerate it this time of year, mixed in with the reds, yellows, golds and rusts. And the pumpkins... who doesn't love pumpkins?
Yesterday my buddy Sue and I took a quick trip down to River Gallery, one of our favorite Quilt Shops. Sue needed backing, border fabric and a few more fat quarters to finish up a lap quilt she's working on. So of course I volunteered to keep her company for the trip. It was such a beautiful drive, both on the highway to Saint John, and coming back up the old River Road.
We stopped in Gagetown for lunch and at several fruit stands to buy apples and pumpkins. We wanted this one but it wouldn't fit in the trunk... haha. Actually it was not for sale- this is the third largest pumpkin in Canada this year, having recently won that distinction with a weight of 1315 pounds!! It was grown near Woodstock NB.
We crossed the Gagetown ferry and traveled up along Washademoak Lake to visit my friend Wendy and check on the progress of their new home. All in all a beautiful drive. Tomorrow we are supposed to get a fair bit of rain and lots of wind so who knows what the leaves will be like after that? I'm so glad we did that drive this week. I had planned to drive to Amherst NS tomorrow for the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival but, based on the forecast, have decided to stay home. I'm going to lock myself in my studio and sew ALL day. At least that's my plan...


We live for the bounties of fall,
but the harvest of friendship is blessed above all


Judy Laquidara said...

I can almost smell those apples. That pumpkin is so hue and it looks so funny sitting in that position.

Wendy said...

Lovely photos Linda. I had to smile at the "overweight: pumpkin, sitting there in all it's "cellulite" glory. lol The way it looks with the mottled shadows and light on it makes it almost look like cellulite; not I would know that first hand of course!
Looking forward to Sande's visit to our guild in Nov.

Linda H said...

Wendy you're right!! It did look like a bad case of cellulite!!

Marie Alton said...

Oh boy ... that is one big punkin!
Can you imagine trying to carve that sucker!?!
Orange ... is my least fave colour too ... but it's definitely tolerable for this season...there's no other colour that Pumpkins could or should be!

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