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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Splendour in Sussex

Last weekend was the Sussex Vale Guilds' bi-annual show so it's high time I got around to sharing a few Show photos with you. For a small venue, those Sussex gals really know how to "pack it in". They did a marvelous job of displaying a good number of quilts in a small space. As well there was a Merchant Mall with 4 vendors, tables of small quilted and knitted articles for sale (many with very reasonable pricing - I got the sweetest little girls' knit hat for $4.00!!!) and an area for refreshment if you needed an energy boost. Tea and homemade cookies were a great pick-me-up when your feet were tired of walkin' and your eyes were tired from lookin'. (The Meringues and Lemon BonBons were exquisite... thanks for the recipe Vera!)
But I digress.. you want to see the quilts don't you? There were many beautiful quilts both large and small. Some of my favorites were by Gail Fearon, like this first one (above) called Stars My Way (84" x 96"). It is hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted- way to go Gail!! I think Gail is like me, she likes rich saturated color. This is truly a beauty. Another beauty, also by Gail Fearon was Sylvia's Stars (left) which also featured gorgeous hand-quilting. All the stars were from batiks- ahhh, you gotta love that! You just can't go wrong with batiks. (Sylvia's Stars won Viewers' Choice, third place. Yeah Gail!!)

Whole Cloth Anniversary Quilt by Cynthia Vail was hand appliqued and hand quilted by Cynthia for her parents 60th wedding anniversary. It is queen sized; what a very special gift. Sadly both parents passed away within months of each other, shortly after receiving the quilt.

Daisies for Amanda by Joan West was another quilt which was getting lots of interest from viewers. Of course, being a lover of blue, how could I not like this one??

There were many lovely small quilts too, such as Esther the Easter Chicken again by Gail Fearon. I love quilts with humour and I just loved the expression on Esther's little face... She's obviously a good laying chick- look at all those eggs!! However I think the look on her face tells us she is feeling fatigued and needs a break from "producing"!! lol

Pineapple Picnic (below) by V. Leigh Smith really caught my eye. I've always been attracted to Log Cabins and Pineapples, loved the colors in this one.

That's just a small taste of the lovely quilts at the Autumn Splendour show. All in all, we had a good day- thanks Sandi for coming along! Hope you've enjoyed this little peek. If I've left you wanting more, pop on over to Gail M's blog to see more here and here.
Sorry this has taken so long. We got a new hard drive and operating system last week. And Yes there IS a large learning curve!! It's taken a while to figure out how to load my pictures off camera onto computer, figure out where they went(!!) how to file them, save them, etc. But I think I've got it now! So I should be good to go.. Tomorrow- a final pic of my green tablerunner, which is all finished.


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Shelley said...

Linda, loved seeing the quilts from the Sussex show...I've never been to that one ..maybe the next one.

Wendy said...

Oh my I love the colors and the "fresh" feel to the Pineapple Picnic. So pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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