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Sunday, September 5, 2010

One down, one to go

Earl has come and gone, and all is well. We were lucky, as he decided to follow the south shore of Nova Scotia rather than the Bay of Fundy, so we only got rain, very little wind. Actually we could have used more rain, but I guess we have more coming later in the week so I won't complain. Our house looks somewhat like a bomb went off - not from Earl, but from "Hurricane Mark". Stuff has been piled everywhere, but at least there is a visible path through now, as hubby and Mark left this morning in the well loaded truck, looking a little like the Clampetts.... Laura and I are now packed up and ready to head out tomorrow.
Poor Mark is not very mobile which isn't terribly convenient when one is moving... When he woke yesterday his left foot was very swollen and he could hardly walk. We eventually came to the conclusion it was related to a sting he had received on his leg while mowing on Wednesday. It had been itchy and he had done some vigorous rubbing, and now it is infected. To make a long story short we spent a good part of yesterday trying to get him in to see a Doctor. Why aren't all Walk-In clinics open on the weekend? Are people supposed to get sick only Monday to Friday??? Anyway he now has a 10 day course of antibiotics, and instructions to stay off his foot as much as possible. Not very convenient for moving and getting back to classes... What is it with our family and feet this summer???
On a happy note, Laura won first place on her Sontag in the KL Agricultural Fair yesterday and a third place on a piece of needlepoint. Yeah!! Way to go daughter!!
So, I'll be gone from here for a few days.... I'll be back midweek.


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GailM. said...

That stiing sounds pretty bad!! Hurricane Mark..ha ha. I bet it's pretty wild at your house with the kids packing up to go back to school. I'm so pleased that Laura won recognition for her knitting and needlework.... a chip of the old block!!!

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