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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dragon Boat Races

This morning hubby and I went down to the Small Craft Aquatic Center to watch some of the Dragon Boat Races. I had never seen Dragon Boats, and since I have a good friend who has been a paddler for a while now, I figured it was time! My buddy Marilyn is a breast cancer survivor, and paddles with the Breasts Ahoy team from Saint John, comprised largely of breast cancer survivors. They did well today, finishing in fourth place overall! Way to go Marilyn! I knew some other paddlers too, in particular some of the Red Dragons Team - Principal and several teachers from Garden Creek School - our local Elementary. Their team has been the top fundraiser for several years now, and they did it again this year,with a very healthy lead on the team in second place. Yeah Red Dragons!! Yeah Greg, Dawn and Jackie!
I know very little about paddling, but in just the short time we watched, I could see that this is not an easy thing to do- it obviously requires great upper body and arm strength and certainly a good amount of practice and team work. For 20 paddlers to work in unison and keep their strokes in time with the drummer can not be easy. It was great fun to watch the races and one could sure pick out the teams which practice regularly!
The medals are very impressive, made by local business Aitken's Pewter. Look at this dragon - who wouldn't be proud to take him home ? Before we left I noticed another small group wanting to get in on the racing. Notice the one on the far left- I think he's a little mixed up on the command "Paddles Up"!!Come back later tomorrow to see my Teeny Tiny project. I have finished the top, and plan to quilt and bind it tomorrow. Then I'll share it with you...


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