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Friday, December 4, 2009

Here's St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas is done! He is the fourth in my series of cross-stitched and beaded Santas. They are from kits from Mill Hill - St. Nicholas is # MHCSF16. If you have not been following my progress on these Santa ornaments, you can see the other three here, here and here. I enjoy working on these in the evenings when I am finally able to sit down and relax. This is the only stitching I have managed to get done this week.
It has been a frustrating week- we have waited all week for bloodwork results for Laura, to find out this morning that everything came back negative! Of course that is good news- nothing seriously wrong; however she is still not feeling very energetic and is still sleeping more than 12 hours per night. I guess she is just worn out... I continue to plug her full of fresh fruit, yogurt, smoothies and as much other healthy stuff as I can manage.
I have accomplished very little it seems, this week. Appointments and other routine stuff that has to be done is taking up too much of my time!! I'm trying to get some Christmas things done, but not a lot of progress yet. I'm hoping next week will be better! I'm teaching a class tomorrow, so after that- full steam ahead on Christmas!!! Hubby and I took a quick trip to Moncton yesterday. We purchased tickets a month ago to attend The Living Christmas Tree Show - it was amazing! If you live in my area and have never been, you really should check it out. It is quite a show- excellent music, fabulous costumes and of course a wonderful Christmas message of what the season is really about.
Christmas is about HOW you spend it, not how much....


GailM. said...

I know it's frustrating to get back tests that say negative, but that's a good thing too. I expect with all that TLC, she'll come around soon. Get her to get some excercise in and try to get back to a regular and routine routine. Know what I mean. Get up at 8 even if she's tired, and go to bed at 10, even if she's really tired.

Snow today, so it's walking at the Willie for me today. First time to walk indoors this year.

Love the St. Nicholas.

Anonymous said...

I think this Santa is my favorite so far. Happy to hear Laura's bloodwork is negative - lots of tlc from her mother will be the best medicine for her. LUcy

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