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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Last of the Quilts...

I've been spending a lot of time in the studio these last few weeks, trying to get several new pieces done. Now I'm busy preparing for a weekend teaching trip to Nova Scotia. Can't wait for the Quilt Atlantic Retreat at White Point Resort!  So, I've been a bad girl and haven't been blogging much... let's fix that right now!
I promised to show you the Best of Show and a few special exhibits from the Broward Quilt Expo. Here we go.

First up, Best of Show.  

Night Blooming Rose of Sharon by Rose Hunter Valentine.

Best of Show and also first place, Appliqué Duo

This is one talented lady, and appliqué is obviously "her thing."
You saw her two other entries, both ribbon winners, in this previous post.

This was a beautiful quilt, the colours were vibrant and rich, the appliqué was skillfully done, as was the quilting.

One of the special exhibits was by the Miami Art Quilters. The fourth Saturday of July has been set aside as the National Day of the Cowboy to preserve the pioneer spirit and heritage, and to promote "cowboy culture." As part of this celebration, the Miami Art Quilters have displayed their cowboy-inspired works for a number of years.

Cowboy John by Sandy Marietta was my favourite, even though I thought he looked more like a Jake or a Sam...  wink!

This piece was also very well done. Sadly I did not record the maker's name..
My apologies.

Another small special exhibit was by a group of Brazilian SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) artists. The exhibit was titled Brazilian Amazon Inspirations. The one piece that really caught my eye was this parrot, made entirely from Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Again, my apologies for not having the maker's name. (If anyone can provide names, I'll happily add them...)

Lastly, here are two photos of some of the small quilts awaiting the auction. A "Mini Quilt Live Auction" was held on Saturday afternoon; we had left by then, but I'm sure it was great fun.
123 small quilts were made and donated for auction by members of the six participating guilds! Very impressive indeed!


There should be an eighth day of the week called SEWDAY, where all you do is sew all day long.


kath001 said...

Wow, the Best of Show is absolutely gorgeous! Those colors are so rich. I love it. And the Parrot is amazing!

Karen said...

Great photos! Have a wonderful time this weekend, it's a beautiful resort!

Jennifer said...

Wow......Best of Show is an amazing quilt and certainly deserved its win! Love those cowboy quilts, you don't think of cowboys in Florida. The miniatures and the parrot are gorgeous.

Vee said...

Just amazing! I like the first quilt winner's name! And "Sam" and "Jake" got my attention. 😊

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Wow, love the best in show. Are you inspired from a show like this to go home and start a new quilt? I know garden shows get me going - new plants that I can always find room for!

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