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Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Miniature Work in Progress

My life has been ridiculously busy lately.... but things will be settling down by the middle of next week, I think. In the meantime, here is a set of miniature blocks I've completed. It will be a while before I get around to putting them together.. but at least the blocks are done. Each block will be 2.25 " square when sewn together, the logs are 1/4" wide. Log Cabin has always been my favourite block, I think it always will be... This is not the best photo colour-wise, but the best I could do tonight.
What's your favourite quilt block?


Sometimes I think maybe I should do something besides sew... then I realize how silly I'm being, and go back to sewing.


Vee said...

The entire creation will be that tiny? I do not know how you do it! Is it even possible to land on a favorite block pattern? I certainly like the lovely contrasts that light and dark create in a classic log cabin pattern, but my most recent efforts have been with disappearing four-patch. (Probably because it is easy.)

As an aside, I fell asleep late last night reading this post. Not sure if I even clicked away so you may have had me here for hours. My apologies. And it wasn't your post...just too late to be attempting blog reading. I know better! 😉

Andrea R said...

This one is next on my list! Yes, I need to finish the other one first, I'm making myself wait.

Otherwise, half log cabin must be my fave - I make it enough times! :D

Jeanna said...

Your miniatures are so amazing. I like the log cabin and also the pineapple block.

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