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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Look Who's Growing!

Photo Credit: Tasha B Photography
For those of you who have been asking about Noah, yes, he's doing just fine! Growing and learning new skills, and growing more lovable every day! He has two front teeth, has mastered crawling, (and he is fast!) can now pull himself up to standing, and walks along if he has something sturdy to hold onto - he easily walks the length of his crib, holding onto the rails. He is learning to eat solid foods and to drink from a cup. All useful skills! haha I can hardly believe he will soon be 9 months old!!
Annnddddd... some big news.. he will soon be moving to NB! Yes! They are moving back to NB later this spring. You know I am one happy Grammie! (Insert Happy Dance here!)

Photo Credit: Laura Cooper
 Each month Noah's mummy has taken his photo on or around his birthdate. I'm thinking this is likely the last one he will co-operate and lie still for.. he is on. the. move!

Photo Credit: Laura Cooper

And here he is looking so handsome in his new jean jacket!
Let's go for a walk, Mummy!

Hold him a little longer,
Rock him a little more,
Read him another story,
You've only read him four.
Let him sleep on your shoulder,
Rejoice in his happy smile,
He is only a little by
for such a little while.


Such a big miracle in such a little boy!


GailM. said...

What a big little man. Such a sweetheart. Love those blue eyes. I'm glad he won't be so far away any more. That's awesome.

Vee said...

Moving back to NB?! Best news you've heard in a while, I'm sure! Yay!

He is a darling boy growing fast.

kath001 said...

Adorable and all boy! :)

Super-duper-excellent to be having them nearer soon!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh, what a reminder that kids grow FAST! He is so handsome. I was going to say cute...OKAY...Handsome AND Cute, lol. I'm so happy for you that he is moving closer to you. I am so happy that you will not miss the additional joy of having a grandchild you can see often.
xx, Carol

Karen said...

Wow, he's grown since your last pictures! He's adorable. Really happy for your family to learn that they are moving back home - wonderful for everyone.

Pamela Gordon said...

Noah sure has grown and is getting to be a real handsome little boy. That is exciting that they are moving to NB!! Lucky you.

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