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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lest We Forget

Once again Remembrance Day is upon us. We thank and honour our fallen war heroes, those still with us and those who presently serve our country. We owe them so much. It's also a day to think of peace.... world peace and peace within our nations.


Long ago and far away
across the ocean
wild and wide,
the young men stormed
an alien shore
where many of them died.
Here and now
old men remember
the valor and the gore,
and the boyish faces
of their youth
that are young for ever more

~ William Bedford 


Freedom is never free.


Jennifer said...

I wonder if the world will ever be at peace? Would that it were so.

Linda H said...

Yes Jennifer, it seems world peace is a lofty goal these days, doesnt it?

Country Gal said...

Would be nice to have world peace forever . said...

Right now it would be nice to have peace within our own country and then world peace. So much division within in so many ways. Sad.

GailM. said...

We had a lovely remberance service on the ship. Checking in from Tenerife.

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