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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Copperhead The Movie is here!

We interrupt the regular scheduled programming (and continuation of coverage of the KV Quilt Show) to bring you this very important announcement. Copperhead, The Movie is now playing in Fredericton at Empire Theatres. The success of this movie, as far as how many more venues in Canada it plays at, largely hinges on the response this weekend. So if you live locally PLEASE get out this weekend and see this wonderful movie. It was shot last spring at our own beautiful Kings Landing Historical Settlement. The setting is absolutely perfect. I was very lucky to see Copperhead when it premiered here in May (to a selected/closed audience) so I can honestly tell you it is SO worth seeing. I went, with expectations of solely watching the set and paying attention to the local "actors" (extras) in the movie. Within 5-10 minutes I was so engrossed in the story that I forgot all about watching for the faces I knew.. It is a wonderful story, and although it's a Civil War story, there are no bloody battle scenes. It's more of how the war effects those "at home". Families and communities are divided over their feelings about the war. You can watch the trailer here and also  read more about the movie, the cast, the score, etc. Billy Campbell and Peter Fonda are the two big names you will recognize but there are many other excellent actors in it as well, including a number of local faces you might recognize (Walter Learning, Robbie O'Neill, Verna Hayward...). Certainly if you are a regular visitor to Kings Landing,  you will recognize Don Rigley, Tom Richards, Laurie Marr and many more "staff" faces...
It is also now playing in Moncton at Empire Theatres (Trinity Drive) and at Bayers Lake in Halifax.  So please- if it's playing near you, get out and see it. Right now, it's only scheduled for Fredericton until Thursday, Sept. 26 so don't wait!! See it today. Help it become the success it deserves. I urge you to go, I know you'll enjoy it.


"I highly recommend seeing the film." ~ Charles Cummings, American Civil War Today

"I highly recommend seeing the film" -- Charles Cummings, American Civil War Today - See more at:
"I highly recommend seeing the film" -- Charles Cummings, American Civil War Today - See more at:
"I highly recommend seeing the film" -- Charles Cummings, American Civil War Today - See more at:
"Copperhead may well be one of the best new scores of this year, and is an excellent display of the young composer's abilities." ~  Chris Hadley, Film Score Monthly

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I would love to see it! Thanks for letting us know about it! Hugs!

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