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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wildflower Wednesday

This week's "feature flower" is the common Bindweed, a member of the Morning Glory family (Convolvulacea). I did not have to look too far for this one- it inhabits my raspberry patch, in fact it is doing its best to take over! Beautiful as its bloom is, it is a nasty little pest, twining around the sturdy canes for support and engulfing the entire patch. It grows up the canes, then continues to spread across the top of the patch,  forming a veritable "carpet" of  vines, leaves and blooms. Although we do our best to rip out
the vines we can reach as often as possible, it grows quickly and soon takes over again. You can see below how badly it twines around...  It makes berry picking a challenge... Bad enough you have to battle mosquitoes, the occasional wasp and the prickles on the canes, but battling an aggressive weed as well... grrrrr.... If anyone has a helpful suggestion for how to rid our berry patch of this pest, without  killing our raspberry canes, please get in touch!!


"But make no mistake: the weeds will win; nature bats last." ~ Robert M. Pyle


Pamela Gordon said...

I think I've seen the twining stems around things but don't remember the pretty blooms of this bad weed. Sorry I can't help you with a remedy to remove it. I must keep my eyes open for it along the road. It was nice to have a bit of rain yesterday wasn't it? We could use a lot more though. Pam

Wendy said...

"BIND"weed sound like a good name for such an agressive plant. Good luck with the raspberry patch.
P.s. I'm pulling for the raspberries to of my favourite berries. What is better than homeade raspberry pie? Yumm

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... I have a smaller different variety of Morning Glory vines here ... but the bane of my existence ... and the one that I find hardest to control here is a member of the milkweed family. I actually found it in one of my wildflower books about a survivor ... and nature in charge!
It gets itself set up in places that are not easy to get to ... like under pine bushes ... then sends out underground runners to spread itself even further. you can hack down the vines ... but they find another place to pop up! I literally spend hours annually fighting this one!

GailM. said...

My sister was telling me about this weed the other week. We were walking the bridge and along the way, I said, "Look, somebody took the time to plant some morning glories". She laughed and told me they were a climbing weed. They like to grow by plants that they can climb. I made the couscous today to take to the cottage tomorrow. I can't wait to try, but it looks a lot like the Costco stuff except they don't have onions or chick peas. And They charge $6.00 for half as much... I can't waiti until it's chilled so I can taste.

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