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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Olympic Torch was here!

The torch has passed through Fredericton. What an exciting day! Despite the wet weather thousands of NB'ers lined the route today to see the Olympic torch pass by. I went downtown this evening to the big celebration in Officer's Square where all the festivities were to take place. The atmosphere was exciting - there was a huge crowd and I have to say I felt proud to be a Canadian! Seeing all the red mitts, RBC tambourines and Canadian flags waving in the air was every bit as exciting as being on Parliament Hill on July 1st. The entertainment put on by the sponsors, Coca Cola and Royal Bank, was excellent as were the local performers.

But the highlight was seeing Marianne Limpert, our "own" Olympic silver medalist, run the torch through the crowd and up onto the stage. I could have touched her, and I could feel the heat off the flame when she ran by me. I was very close to the stage and had my camera battery not died after this ONE picture was taken earlier, I could have had some great shots. Don't think I wasn't kicking myself for that stupid oversight. Of all the times to not have checked my camera battery level!! Duhhhh!
So you'll just have to believe me when I say I was there to see the torch, and I am a proud Canadian!

For those of you to the west, who are still awaiting the arrival of the torch and it's entire entourage, take my advice and make the effort to go see it when it is passing nearby. It is an emotional experience, one not to be missed.


Oh Canada! GO Canada!!


Laura Hubbard said...

And you told me it was over-rated...pfffttt...

[However, at the Santa Clause Parade, I got to touch the USED one; all charred and black-ish at the top!]

GailM. said...

I agree, the celebration which was fabulous. I saw the runners running with the torch on the North side last evening in the dark. I saw brothers standing with the torch, I saw a girl crying as she was running the torch. It was very emotional. I'm glad I saw it both times yesterday.

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