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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kumihimo Fun

My beading class this evening was such fun! I was very pleased with the bracelet I finished. Kathy, the teacher, was excellent and very patient with those of us who had little beading experience. The Kumihimo braiding was not all that difficult once you got the hang of it. She wisely had us practice with yarn first, before we tried it with our bead strands. I didn't use quite the same combo of beads that was suggested for the class, as I didn't want mine to be quite as "chunky" and big. (I know I'll be visiting Sarah's shop every once in a while to see what new colors of pearls and co-ordinating beads she has in - The Beadnik on Main St., Fredericton North). I am very happy with my first effort and can't wait to try another, with other bead combinations. I think it is something that once you have the braiding sequence down pat, you could do it in front of the TV or whatever... Now to fashion some matching earrings from the leftovers... Thanks Kathy for a great class!
Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

1 comment:

GailM. said...

Oh, how nice. I hate to whine, but now I want to make one tooooooo... I'll keep my eye out for this class again on the Beadnik class calendar.

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