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Monday, February 16, 2009

Done is good!

Another Miniature quilt done!! Done is good! It's a few days late for Valentines, but that's's early for next year! I am trying to get some new minis done before I teach another class in Miniatures. This one is 12" square, with 2" blocks. Personally I prefer smaller blocks - 1" or even 1 1/2", but some students are stressed by trying to work that small. I remind them that everyone's definition of just what IS miniature is personal - and not to worry about how small mine are, or what size someone else is doing. Rather I just ask them to challenge themselves.... and work in whatever size they feel most comfortable, without stress. So, to that end, I am trying to get a variety of pieces done, in different sizes. I will share them with you in future posts, as they are completed. I do have another almost done, it's just waiting for me to make "border decisions"... I hope to show it to you soon. It's more what I consider a challenge - 1" pieced blocks - 20 of them...all different!
This one was fun - quick and easy. I have always liked this "Woven Heart" design, and have used my favorite fabrics - batiks. They are so great to work with, being of high quality and tightly woven. I've added a very narrow piping (less than 1/8") between the quilt and the binding - you can barely see it- I wanted it to be subtle. The quilting is minimal - by machine, "in the ditch". It is so easy to distort a miniature with too much quilting, so my theory is "less is better"... Any suggestions for a name for this little piece?
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