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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Making Progress

We've finally had a few days of sunshine and warmer temps, and the overnight temps are getting into the double digits. It seems to have been a long time coming! It's amazing what a sunshine-y day can do to one's mood and energy level.  :)  So between hubby and I, we have made good progress the last few days. The hubby has done a wonderful job of putting new cedar around one of my perennial beds. He originally built this bed on the east side of the house along the garage with pressure treated 4x4's but after 25 years(!) it was starting to look its age. It wasn't quite as straight as it used to be. (It didn't bother me but hubby likes things straight and square!) So this is what it looks like now with fresh new eastern cedar.

I got the bed around the company sign all planted with red geraniums - a tip of the hat to my mother who always had red geraniums. There's a bit of an "in family" joke there, but I won't bore you with it... They don't look like much yet, but a month from now when they've grown, they'll look great. I'll try to remember another photo then.
My vegetable garden is now all in except for the tomatoes and cucumbers which I'll plant next week once I'm sure the overnight temps are staying above 10°. Lettuce, carrots, peas, yellow beans and beets are in, and my glads are started in flats. Their row is ready and waiting once they grow a bit. Hubby says he's going to put in a row of corn this year too, we'll see. Mum never had any luck with corn - between the squirrels and the raccoons, they always seemed to "harvest" it just a day or two before she was ready to... Smart little devils, they are!

I did my herb planter yesterday- basil, dill, mint and parsley. I do love using fresh herbs that I can just go out and pick whenever I want... I picked up my pots and planters from Greys two days ago, they look wonderful as usual. I always ask that they be colourful, and nice and full. Once they grow a bit they'll be very showy.

So, things are lookin' up... With all the rain we've had, the grass and hostas are growing like crazy and the tree foliage is lush. My rhodo is just coming into bloom. Sigh.... I love June!


"It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart." ~ Rainer Maria Rilke


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Every year we talk about planting herbs! How handy it will be to have them fresh. I love June's my favorite month of the year! Hugs!

Vee said...


Everything looks terrific!

Jennifer said...

I love your flowers.....and the herb pot is a great idea and one I may copy! Can you get your potrs planted out for you? I like that.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Linda, your box garden looks lovely. Your hubby does good work. I'm glad summer has arrived there but wish I wasn't missing it while here in Calgary. I hope we keep getting warm sunshine at home all summer. Take care. Pam

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Everything is looking great Linda. We had a dry spell for over a week but the rain was back today during a good thunderstorm.

Mary Stiles said...

It all looks beautiful Linda. I love flowers as well and plant a lot.
Mary Stiles

Linda H said...

Thanks Mary! I cannot reply to you personally as you are a No Reply Commenter.
Gardening is my guilty pleasure in the summer. I think I keep Greys in business! haha

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