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Friday, March 6, 2015

End of the Week This and That

We've had a few days of sunshine this week, it sure feels good - to kitties and people alike! When Ollie isn't puddle-jumping around the house, trying out every little puddle of sun, he's in his favourite spot on his little windowsill bed behind the couch, soaking up the sunshiney warmth while keeping an eye on the birdfeeders just a few feet away. He chatters at the birds and squirrels, and I occasionally see him licking his lips. It's probably a good thing I can't read his mind...

We are enjoying two blooms on an amaryllis, one bud still to open. It was one that had died down and I was ready to put it away for a few months rest, when I noticed the tip of a sprout... what the heck? Could it be? I waited a few days and sure enough, it was a growing bud. They are such fun to watch, you can almost see them shooting up. This one is currently 29" from bottom of pot to top of bloom. Isn't it beautiful?

The winner of my Grow Your Blog Giveaway received her package yesterday - I was impressed - all the way to NSW, Australia in less than two weeks!! Congrats Dasha, I hope you enjoy using my photo cards! Waving Hello from snowy eastern Canada! (Big ThankYou to DD Laura for making this map for me...)

I also won a giveaway in the GYB Hop, and it arrived in my mailbox this morning! Yay! Don't you love getting mail? I mean real mail, not bills or flyers!! Thanks to Nan of Nanmade for the lovely earrings! You can see more of Nan's wonderful jewelry creations in her Etsy shop here. Waving Hi to you too Nan!

The view from my studio window last night, 6:30pm. No retouching or editing.Beautiful!
I can hardly believe this but I am approaching my thousandth blog post!! I will be having a special giveaway to celebrate, so stay tuned! Don't worry, I'll give you lots of notice!!  :)  It's just a small way for me to show my appreciation to all my faithful readers, followers and bloggy friends! I really do appreciate your visits and your interest in my crazy life, and I especially appreciate those who leave me comments. I know I have many readers who never comment... maybe it's time for you to change that? Why not let me know who you are and where you're visiting from..?

That's all for now. It's currently -7°C (19°F) but the sun is shining, so it's a good day! The days are
getting longer and with tomorrow night's time change, we'll have another hour of daylight in the evening. You can feel the sun getting stronger.. spring IS coming.... I'm sure of it.  Can you see my big happy grin?


"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous."  ~Aristotle


Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Linda, I love your header -- such pretty pictures. Yes, I'm grinning too, as we are ready for spring here in North Carolina and ready for the extra hour of daylight. :-D

Ollie looks very cozy and content. Our first Scottish Terrier used to follow the sunbeams around the house in the wintertime. :) Congrats on winning a giveaway; that's always fun. Wishing you a wonderful weekend from the southeastern United States!



GailM. said...

Wow, that is fast shipping. ( Cute graphic Laura). I hope you get some warm days soon. The sunshine and warm days will help get things started. Those tulips and early flowers will be looking to start pushing up in a month.

Pamela Gordon said...

It's so nice that your Amaryllis got a second blooming. It's beautiful. And that sunset last night was stunning wasn't it? I took one photo before it got deeper in colour then we had to leave for choir so I enjoyed it in my rearview side mirror. :) I'm glad the weather is warming up a bit the next few day. A nice reprieve and no storms in the forecast! Enjoy.

Dasha said...

Just writing up a post to thank you Linda, and here you are featuring me! LOL. Thanks heaps for those lovely cards.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The mail delivery of your prize to Dasha was quite timely wasn't it? I usually allow 2 weeks for cards or parcels to the US (never mind a greater distance) and sometimes that's pushing it.
I like the colouring of the amaryllis and the good photos you took of it. If we don't go south one year I'd like to grow one again.
We're heading for milder temperatures on Sunday and into next week which makes spring seem that much closer.
You know I'm waving from Ontario!

Jeanna said...

Your amaryllis is gorgeous! The color is magnificent.

Ollie looks really good with a little sun:)

Sara D.B. said...

Beautiful photos, Linda, as always!
Thousand blog posts! I wish I had time to read all the older posts I have missed before starting to follow your blog...
It's interesting that you have the Spring Forward moment already now; we change the clock only after two weeks.
I'm waving from that small light green spot at the top of the map! :)

HollyM said...

What a lucky win! The earrings look neat.
I'm not very good at keeping track of dates or numbers. I've been meaning to do a giveaway for ages. I'm past due. It's just laziness or business that keeps me from it, but I always enjoy it.

Vee said...

That is a short time, relatively speaking. Dasha must be pleased as I know you are with your win. Happy mail is good mail!

Oh yes, even we have been seeing the "March Sunsets." Nothing like them!

Lorraine said...

YES, I can see that big happy grin! Give that special boy Ollie a great big hug - he is beauuuuuutiful!

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