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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Amaaaazing Show...

Another exhibit at the Florida World Quilt Show which I thoroughly enjoyed was that by SAQA - that's Studio Arts Quilt Associates. Titled "Color of Emotions", the works were designed to convey a sense of emotion or feeling expressed by the artists.

Mr. Grim (40" x 31") by Holly Dominie is a commissioned portrait of international performer Jan Damm. She "used black, white and red commercial fabrics to "paint" depth, drama and soulful emotion. Red evokes Jan's passion for his craft; black, a sense of mystery and showmanship, and yes, his sad alter ego; and white, illumination from Jan's audience thrilled by his juggling high atop planks divided by roller bollers."

 This piece blew me away! I could not imagine using these prints so successfully as Ms. Dominie has done, to create a portrait. I wonder how many times she placed each little piece, moved it, switched it for another... Wow. Double Wow.

Lost Moon #4 - Remembering Winter by Elizabeth Sylvan.

"Winter, beautiful and stark, reveals both the bones of the landscape and our inner moods. This piece is an attempt to delight the eye, quiet the mind, and capture that moment of solitude when the viewer feels connected to the natural world. The fallen moon is lying at the base of a tree, and if you look closely you can see the round hole it has left in the sky."  She has used cotton, lace, silk, brocade, tulle, organza and recycled silver foil.

Sunrise, Sunset by Melody Randol used cotton and silks, hand-dyed, painted, silk screened and/or discharged.
"Something magical occurs when water and sunlight converge. We are drawn to their union as surely as bees are drawn to nectar. When the eyes are allowed to stay, the body stills, the mind quiets and the soul takes a long deep drink." She is right- there is something magical about a sunset reflected on water... Look at how well she has captured the light on the water (lower left of quilt).

Roberta Baker's Magnolias with White Birds was another that really drew my eye. The design reminded me somewhat of Valerie Hearder's work.
 "I truly believe that vibrations (i.e. the way that colors work on an energetic level) have healing qualities, and my passion is to use light and color for this purpose. This piece is composed of warm, radiant colors to embody harmony and tranquility."

Birch Grove by Ann Loveless was so realistic one felt you could walk right into that birch grove.
"My emotions are always lifted when I walk through a Northern Michigan birch tree grove in autumn. The crisp blue sky contrasts with the warm gold leaves, and tones of reds and oranges spill from hardwood trees still punctuated with a few vibrant greens."

Squared Illusion 6 (44" x 34") was an amazing piece by Gloria Hansen.
"While making this piece, I went through the hot excitement of the idea to the cold reality of working through the various difficulties in getting the concept to creation. If those emotions were colors, mine ran the full gamut." I loved this piece and wish I could have purchased it, sadly it was not for sale. (Not that I could have afforded it...) It was beautifully machine quilted.


So what do you think? Aren't these quilts amazing?

We were asked to vote for our favourite quilt, for the Viewer's Choice ribbon. One vote. ONE quilt. HOW would one ever choose, with so many incredible works of art?? I have only shown you pieces from three shows- there were 19 shows/exhibits in total!!! You haven't even seen the quilts in the WORLD Show yet!!! I think I'll take you there tomorrow. Wanna come along?


"Art is one of the sources through which the soul expresses itself and inspires others. But to express art thoroughly, one must have the inner emotions opened thoroughly." ~ Meher Baba


Gwen Buchanan said...

That face is spectacular!!!! I am just shaking my head at the detail. Amazing! and you're right, who would imagine using these prints.. It's fabulous!

Pamela Gordon said...

Yes, I want to come along! Amazing. That face one is incredible. How do people come up with these ideas and find the fabrics to piece together like that. Just incredible!

Wendy said...

Although I have not commented each day, I have to agree with you...totally amazing quilts! Lovely photography too by the way.

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