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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring - Where are You?

Well, things are slowly moving along.. My father-in-law went home today after a week in a respite bed at Windsor Court. I think he is somewhat stronger, and certainly benefited from the nutritious meals and the social interaction. There are still some issues to be dealt with, but he is making tiny steps forward... Getting old is definitely NOT for the faint of heart!
Our family room carpeting has finally been installed, and the new roller shade is up. Next on the agenda is to get the window valance done... I think the room looks larger... Yay!
Spring is slow to show herself.. We have had a few days of sun, but this afternoon is overcast and dreary again. I have daffodils up and budded, but I think we need some warmer days before they will bloom. The few crocuses I have left (the squirrels have been "re-designing" my spring bulb garden for a few years now, scattering them where they think they look best- I found a few blooming by the compost today...) are bravely blooming despite the cool weather, but I can see them shivering.. lol It seems, this year,  that spring is taking forever.. We have had snow this month, and rain, and temps that just feel too cold.. come on spring! Hurry up!! I'm getting reallllly anxious to be outside digging in the garden...
Laura is almost halfway through her internship at the Globe and Mail. Monday's events in Boston, terrible and scary as they were, made for an exciting day for DD, who was on the national newsdesk. It ended up being a 12+ hour day for her. Things were a little crazy for the rest of that day as the team of journalists stayed on top of what was happening, updating the website and preparing stories for the next day's paper. Laura worked on three of the articles, one of them front page! And it was a proud moment for me to see her name on two stories in A section of our Atlantic Globe and Mail the next morning. Tomorrow is her last day as a reporter, the final two weeks she will work as a Web Editor.  She is loving the whole experience... and I'm a proud Mamabird!
My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston and the family and friends of the late Rita MacNeil.


"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." ~ Hal Borland


Pamela Gordon said...

That's great news about Laura. What a wonderful work experience for her. Yes, spring is soooo slooooow. It's going to be quite warm tomorrow along with the rain. Better than more snow though. I cut some daffs to bloom in the house but they aren't even opening yet and it's been 3 days. Maybe I should have waited a bit. I haven't even seen many robins for almost 2 weeks or the flocks of raucous blackbirds. Why?? Enjoy the weekend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know you are proud of your daughter. It feels so good to see your 'kids' succeed. I have four sons and know the feeling. Love your pretty Spring blooms!

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