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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Stitching Finish

Whew! It's been a busy few days! November 25th has passed - that seems to be the date when I switch into high gear for holiday preparations, realizing Christmas is one short month away.... In the last few days I've started decorating, made a dent in the Christmas Shopping list, finished a Christmas cross-stitch and got it in the mail, and finished reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. On Friday evening we went to see the FHS musical production Chess, on Saturday evening the movie Lincoln (excellent!! highly recommend it!!), and on Sunday evening I attended the Annual IODE Christmas Home Tour. Sunday afternoon we took a drive upriver to attend an Open House at Jolly Farmer, then dropped in on hubby's parents on our way back. Aaand- I am finishing my LAST block for my red quilt! Yep- number 20 is almost done. I have been playing with the blocks on the design wall and think I am pleased with their current arrangement. I hope to be sewing them together tomorrow, although I do have to make some more sashing strips first. I'm off on a quick little trip out of town Wednesday and Thursday so I'd love to have it together before I go.. we'll see... So, as you can see things are busy busy here. Hope you don't think I'm slacking, just because I'm not blogging.. au contraire!! I am keeping quite busy.
The cross-stitch shown above was sent off to darling daughter. I had done one (well, two actually) last fall by the same designer, and promised her the Christmas one next. But the pattern was back-ordered and didn't arrive until well after Christmas, so she gets it this year. It's the perfect size for a narrow wall area in her apartment. It's a Heart in Hand Needleart pattern, designed by Cecilia Turner, called Christmas Medley. I like her simple designs and the addition of the fimo buttons for a touch of whimsy.
I'll save the book review on The Paris Wife for another day as it's getting late and I need some shut-eye.  I do highly recommend the movie Lincoln- do see it if you can. If Daniel Day Lewis isn't nominated for an Oscar, there is something wrong. (Another excellent movie to see if it is still playing in your area is Argo with Ben Affleck. LOVED it!!)
That's all for tonight. Good night folks!


My new motto: Creative clutter is better than idle neatness!


GailM. said...

Oh man you have been busy. That stitchery is sweet. I missed that home tour again this year. I swear, I'll get to one yet!

Kathy said...

Linda I love the crossstitch ... as will Laura! I am really interested to know who does your framing??
(you can email me that answer...)

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