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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wasn't That a Party!!!

"Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and fillet gumbo
'cause tonight I'm gonna see my ma cher amio
Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-o
Son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the bayou..."

Sound familiar? Last night we attended a big birthday bash for my good friend Sandi Mac. I won't say how old she is, but it rhymes with nifty.... Let me tell you, this gal knows how to throw a party!! Sandi invited about a hundred of her closest friends for a Cajun Kitchen party, complete with band direct from southern Louisiana. Yep, you read that right. Waylon Thibodeaux and his band prepared a huge pan of Jambalaya for us and then entertained us with Cajun music for dancin' all night long.... what a blast! Those of you who are local might be familiar with Waylon from Fredericton's fall Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival as they have performed here a number of times. Here is Tim at left, serving up the Louisiana Jambalaya - it was some kinda good!!
After the meal and socializin' for a while,Waylon, Jimmy and Tim warmed up their instruments and got everyone's feet a-tappin'. Tim had a great time pickin' ladies out of the crowd to play the rubboard. Here are Sandi and her good friend Bebe (on the board) havin' a good time on the dance floor.
Waylon entertained us with stories and jokes in between songs, Tim chased all the good lookin' ladies to join him playin' the 'board, and Jimmy belted out the tunes on his squeezebox. It was a great party... some people danced, others just enjoyed the music, and we all had fun watching the birthday girl. They even threw out Mardi Gras beads to us all (so we could pretend we were in New Orleans??)
Thanks Sandi Mac, for invitin' us to your shindig. We had a blast. You sure know how to throw a good party! Lova ya babe!

"Without music, life is a journey through a desert." ~ Pat Conroy

1 comment:

Sandi Mac said...

What a party indeed!!! So happy that you were there to celebrate with me. I was definitely feeling 50 yesterday, today I am as good as new.

Thanks, Sandi

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