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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is officially here!

The days are flying by.. where do they go? We have celebrated the official first day of Summer! Yeah! And Father's Day is behind us... We're hoping our computer problems are also behind us. Our nephew who is a computer "techie" was in town on Saturday so he came by and "tweaked" a few things for us.. I hope it lasts. I couldn't even sign in to my Blog a few days ago (most frustrating!!)
An update on my brother Wayne: (a big Thanks to all of you who have been enquiring about his progress) He had another check-in with the surgeon in Saint John today, as well as x-rays. The Doc seemed very pleased with how things are mending although he is still somewhat concerned about the big toe. He is waiting until the next appointment (in 3 weeks time!) and will then make some decisions re. the toe - whether it will need a skin graft or what. Wayne is off all the pain meds now so that's a good thing. He has some discomfort and some nerve "twitches" but no more major pain. He is a little apprehensive about the removal of the pins, but the Doc assures him it will not be a painful process.. I don't think Wayne is convinced... But overall, things are going as well as one could hope at this point. I took him some fresh soft molasses cookies today; judging by the grin on his face, I'm sure they made him feel better.... Love ya, bro!
"The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together". ~ William Shakespeare

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Plays with Needles said...

Hi Linda! I just had a wonderful tour here this morning and got caught up on your life and your FLOWERS!!! Wow!

I was happy to see a picture of the horse chestnut...I've never seen one before and I loved the lupins and yes, they remind me of Miss Rumphius too.

I'm putting Sarah's key on my "to read" list -- thanks for the recommendation. Have a great Summer! xo Susan

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