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Monday, February 1, 2010

Victorian Noteables

I just realized I did not show you the other two notecards I finished for the class last weekend. This class is set up to be an intro to Crazy Quilting, giving students a "taste" of the piecing and embellishing. I prepared kits containing prepared cards, pattern, all fabrics, threads and needles, beads, etc. The class was a hit and enjoyed by all. Here are two more of the cards I have finished. I added a bead cluster to one and a bit of silk ribbonwork to the other... The color here seems to be a bit "off"... the top card is actually a pale peach, and the lower one is a pale green. Not sure what happened there!! lol Both cards look grey here..??? These cards measure 4.25" square with circular cutouts 3" in diameter.

This morning I started a new Miniature. I have a deadline, which is not far off, by the way, so I'm going to be putting the pedal to the metal this week. Good project for cold windy days, I figure... I have no desire to go out when it is so cold... I guess I'm hibernating! If I sew fast enough, will the generated heat keep me warm?
Winter, etches on the windowpanes,
fingerpaints in white.
Sculptures strange soft shapes of snow
that glisten in the night.


Anonymous said...

The colour is fine on my monitor and they look amazing.


GailM. said...

These are stunning. You know, if I made these, I wouldn't give them away, unless is was somebody really really special. What's driving the mini. Are you teaching a class. I was away for your last mini class.

Pat Winter said...

Sweet. I am working on a few mini CQ projects. Sometimes small works is all it takes to please the creative muse.

Karen said...

Beautiful! Your stitching is so precise.

Linda H said...

Thanks for your kind comments!

Wendy said...

Oh Linda your work is lovely! Colors look good to me; I especially like the blue/green one.So soft and dreamy looking.Very nice.

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