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Friday, October 2, 2009



This month the trees begin to make
their autumn alterations;
October brings the turning leaf
in flaming variations!

Triumphant beauty clothes the hills;
the mountains are ablaze!
There's splendor everywhere to see
these gold autumnal days!

Then one day soon the whistling winds
will hustle-bustle by
Sending leaves a-sprawling with
a wistful wind-swept sigh!

~Georgia B. Adams

Autumn has to be the most beautiful season. I love it's vibrant colors. It just makes me want to spend all day outdoors with my camera!

I'm feeling like I've made good progress this past week. I have finished all the truffles for the wedding; they are packaged up and ready to go! I have "completed my wedding ensemble" with the acquisition of shoes, purse and wrap in beautiful burgundy to go with the navy dress. Now I am working on a new Kumihimo bracelet in burgundy and navy to "tie it all together". I love the individual beads- hopefully they will look good in the woven bracelet.
Laura is home for a weekend visit, so if Mother Nature will co-operate tomorrow, we're hoping to visit Kings Landing to do some photography.


Gracefully, joyfully, colorfully, autumn enters our lives.


Linda G said...

Good for you being all ready ahead of time. I am sure the bracelet will be beautiful. Hope that you will share. Have a great visit.
Thanks for the lovely pictures. I just love the sumac behind us too.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Remember me, I'm your sewing machine. I thought we had a really good thing going. It has been so long since you paid any attention to me I am worried that something else has stolen you away. Get real, who else has put such joy in your life? But honestly, if you don't start making me purr again (and I mean soon), I may just seize up and die!!!!! I thought you loved me!!!

MissesStitches said...

Can't wait to see a photo of your kumihimo bracelet. How hard is that to learn?

Linda H said...

Misses Stitches,
The Kumihimo is not at all hard to learn, but I think the best way is to take a class (which is what I did). I'm not so sure it would be easy to do on your own, without someone to help you and show you visually... It is basically a type of braiding, or weaving, and each time you bring your bead cord or thread across, you push on a bead. Do you have a good bead shop in your area? Perhaps you could enquire if anyone there teaches a Beaded Kumihimo class? Of course you do need a bit of equipment too... I'll show you a pic when the bracelet is all done. I have the braiding done, just have to finish the ends with the clasp, etc.

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