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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Introducing my new Daughter-in-Law

And what a sweetie she is! Yes the wedding is over and all went well, except for the rain all day long. However we all know you can't control the weather, so you just have to go with the flow! (Sorry, bad pun...) Ian, being a Meteorologist, took lots of ribbing for the poor weather. "Can't you DO something about this? Have you no "drag" at all?" "No, I just report it, I don't make it...." Anyway, all went well. The day went off without a hitch, other than their ruined plans for photos at the Halifax Public Gardens.

The wedding took place in the Compass Room at the Halifax Casino. It was a small intimate group of family and close friends. The ceremony was short and sweet and there were no surprises- even the four year old ring bearer and flower girl performed their duties flawlessly. It was very difficult... no, it was impossible for me to get any good photos during the ceremony. I did not have an "aisle seat", and the lighting was low. The room is round and one whole side is windows facing out over the harbour. So when you combine low light and windows which throw everyone in front into shadow, actually pretty much silhouette... well many of my "inside pics " are not great.
There was a short break in the rain around 4:30, so after the photographer finished all the indoor posed photos with the wedding party and families, we dashed outside and managed to get some shots behind the Casino and along Purdy's Wharf. So the photos you see above were taken then. (You can click on these photos for a closer look.)
Here are Mark and Laura posing with Frank, Sammy and Dean outside the Compass Room. (Yes! It's true! The Rat Pack were at the wedding ! lol) Laura is not quite old enough to go into the Casino, so this is as close as she could get.

So, we are now lucky to have another daughter. Tiffany is a sweetheart and a fine partner for Ian. They complement each other and we are thrillled to have her as a part of our family. WelcomeTiff! We love you!

I'll show you a few more pics tomorrow...


The road is bright before us, as hand in hand we start. We'll travel on together, one mind, one soul, one heart.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bride & groom! No reason to let a little bit of rain spoil such a special day. Even for a meterologist who couldn't change the weather. Love the bride's flowers. Mark looks so much like his mother! Looking forward to more pics. Lucy

MissesStitches said...

The bride and groom look so happy together! What a beautiful couple! We're both lucky to have wonderful new daughters-in-law. Aren't weddings fun!

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