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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wildflower Wednesday

I had to make a quick trip to Grand Falls a few days ago. The flowers along the highway were so beautiful... I could have stopped a dozen time to take photos. But you know me - any excuse to stop for some photos... lol

The first wildflower this week is a new one to me. From a distance I just assumed the bright yellow was buttercups. However once I got close, I realized this was something different. I had never seen this flower before and had to come home to my trusted wildflower book to identify it. It's called Birdsfoot Trefoil and is a member of the pea family. It's a low growing plant with clover-like leaves and bright yellow pea-like flowers in a flat-topped circular cluster. It will have slender seed pods later on. This plant was introduced from Europe apparently, and the pod arrangement suggests a bird's foot, hence the common name. It's Latin name is Lotus corniculatus. (I just know you wanted to know that!  wink)

I'm sure you are familiar with my next choice- Cow Vetch or Blue Vetch (Vicia cracca). It too is a member of the Pea family. It is a common wildflower (weed?) here in the Maritimes, found in fields and along roadsides. It's a climbing plant, with twining tendrils at the end of each leafstalk. The leaves are a gray-green and the flowers are long one-sided spikes of pea-like tubular blue/purple flowers which are directed downward on a long stem. It is so pretty along roadsides especially where it grows in great mounds or drifts, adding that wonderful blue-purple color. When Buttercups or Birdsfoot Trefoil are nearby, I love the color combo of purple, yellow and green - I think it would make a great color combination for a quilt, what do you think?
I don't often do two posts in one day. If you missed my earlier post today on NYC, keep reading below...


"Where flowers bloom, so does hope." ~ Lady Bird Johnson,  Public Roads: Where Flowers Bloom


Pamela Gordon said...

I have been noticing the wildflowers along the roadsides this week too. It's so pretty with the purple, yellow and white of the daisies. Some of the fireweed is blooming in spots too. We were to Shediac yesterday and the roadsides were quite pretty. Great photos. The birdsfoot trefoil is everywhere along our road.

Gwen Buchanan said...

I'll be keeping an eye out for this now too, Linda.
I never saw this bloom before either..
The flowers are amazing this year. I guess they liked all that strange spring weather.
Thanks for the info.

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