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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Apple Blossoms!

Yesterday I told you of my adventure with Blogger friend Pamela to an apple orchard up on Keswick Ridge. The gentle scent of the blossoms was so lovely as we wandered among the trees with our cameras. There were a few bees buzzing about and a hummingbird was sipping and zipping around...Can't you almost smell these heavenly blossoms?

Each year when "my" trees are in bloom I love being outside, especially in the backyard where their perfume fills the air... I don't think there is a sweeter scent of spring than this...

  Apple Blossoms

I sit in the shadow of apple-boughs,
In the fragrant orchard close,
And around me floats the scented air,
With its wave-like tidal flows.
I close my eyes in a dreamy bliss,
And call no king my peer;
For is not this the rare, sweet time,
The blossoming time of the year?

I lie on a couch of downy grass,
With delicate blossoms strewn,
And I feel the throb of Nature's heart
Responsive to my own.
Oh, the world is fair, and God is good,
That maketh life so dear;
For is not this the rare, sweet time,
The blossoming time of the year?

I can see, through the rifts of the apple-boughs,
The delicate blue of the sky,
And the changing clouds with their marvellous tints
That drift so lazily by.
And strange, sweet thoughts sing through my brain,
And Heaven, it seemeth near;
Oh, is it not a rare, sweet time,
The blossoming time of the year?
~ Horatio Alger


"The apple blossoms' shower of pearl, Though blent with rosier hue, As beautiful as woman's blush, As evanescent too."  ~ Letitia Elizabeth Landon


Karen said...

Beautiful. Apple blossoms are so feminine, with their dainty shape and just a blush of pink on the petals... and yet they yield a hearty, heavy fruit. Great photos as always, Linda.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't those 4 pics make a stunning grouping in a picture frame! Love, love, love your pictures - I can almost smell them. Karen's description of the blossoms being so feminine are a perfect description. Lucy

Anonymous said...

I can smell them all the way from here!!!!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Absolutely beautiful photos Linda and I certainly enjoyed the poem.

Pamela Gordon said...

OH Linda! These are gorgeous shots of the blossoms. I love them all. Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

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