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Monday, February 25, 2013

Style File Finish

Front view
Here is my finished project from Saturday's workshop. It is called a Style File. The original pattern is from The Quilt Company in Allison Park, PA. We also had the option of making a smaller version to use as an Ipad cover. I believe one of our own members worked it up and figured out the proper dimensions (Gail, was that you?) Since I don't have an Ipad, I chose the Style File. It was a quick and easy project and everyone was finished shortly after lunch. It is so nice to go home from a workshop with a finished project in hand, rather than what will often become another UFO.
Back view
It is basically a padded zippered file with a front pocket. The best thing about this project was learning a new and very easy zipper application technique. Foolproof and great for those who have "zipper phobia"!! It can even be sewn in without a zipper foot. The first pocket I did was what I was not happy with, so I re-made it today. It is sometimes  difficult to plan fabrics and cut pieces when you haven't seen the project or you don't have a clear idea of what it is to look like. The strips for the front of the pocket were supposed to be angled. I didn't angle my first ones enough, so to me they just looked crooked. I knew it would drive me crazy so I re-did the front pocket, with new fabrics, and cut the strips a little more angled. Now that it's done, I'm happier with it but if I was making another, I would angle them even more - wider at one end and narrower at the other. I used batiks in my favourite colors for the pocket, the rest of the file is a blue-grey Fossil Fern fabric that I've had for ages. I quilted it with Sulky threads in green, blue and purple. The overall finished size is about 14" by 11".
Zipper Pull from twisted perle cotton
I will look for a cute sewing charm and then make a proper zipper pull with some nice beads, but for now I've just made one quickly with some size 5 Perle cotton. I took four equal lengths (2 purples- one light, one dark, a green and a blue) and knotted them together at one end. At this point I usually put a safety pin through the knot and pin it to my jeans.Then you just twist and twist until the entire length is tightly twisted. Then you grab the twisted length in the middle between thumb and index finger and bring the other end toward the knotted pinned end and the whole thing will coil upon itself. (Is that clear as mud?)  Just try it, it's very easy.
A fun project and a great day (half day!) spent sewing with friends. Thank you Jennifer for doing this class for us!


"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." ~ Beverley Sills


Debbie said...

The colors are beautiful! Looks like a lovely project. Quilting, it's on my day.

Pamela Gordon said...

I love this little bag. The fabric colours are beautiful. I got one of the ASUS tablets from The Gleaner when I renewed my subscription. Do you know how hard it is to find a case for it? It's 12 inches by ? (forget) and most of the cases are for iPads which are a teeny bit smaller. If you ever get a tablet or pad this would make a perfect case and very a very pretty one. Murray is loving the new tablet. I haven't got the hang of it yet.

GailM. said...

Your style file is beautiful. When I made mine, I couldn't help it. I made 5 more. Then yes, it was me to cut down the size to make one for the ipad, even though I didn't own an ipad. Love your colors and simple stitching. I too, loved that zipper application. I will definitely use that technique again in another project. Gail M. in Lake Wales Florida.

shirley said...

Love you little bag, the colours and the stitching are great. It would be so good to learn an easy way to do zippers.

Kathy said...

When I made mine Linda, I had the same issue...and needed to make it with more angled strips. I am glad that I did. Mine is butterscotch and browns in Balis. I use it all the time.

Carol said...

Hi Linda--I finally found your blog :) Love your beautiful bag so much--your work is gorgeous. Even though I'm just a cross stitcher, I so admire beautiful all your beautiful quilting and sewing projects... Will be back to visit again :)

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